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Transcripts & Student Records


Former Students, Colleges, Employers and Verification Companies

In the interest of convenience, efficiency and security, all Transcripts/Student Record requests and Education Verification requests must be submitted online using our web based system. Please click on the link below to order transcripts or other records:

Transcript, Student Record & Education Verification Requests

This service will guide you through the ordering process and answer all questions you may have (look for the FAQ link on the top right of the website). If you have additional questions or concerns or do not have access to a computer or credit/debit card, please leave a message at 408-522-2200.

Current Students

Please contact your school’s registrar for all records requests:

  • Cupertino High School: 408-366-7379
  • Fremont High School: 408-522-2405
  • Homestead High School: 408-522-2503
  • Lynbrook High School: 408-366-7710
  • Monta Vista High School: 408-366-7610
  • Educational Options (Community School, New Start, Young Parent Program, Middle College and College Now): 408-522-2208

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an official high school transcript?

An official transcript is stamped with a raised seal and signed. It is an official copy of a student′s academic history. The transcript is considered “unofficial” when the seal on the envelope is broken.

What is an unofficial high school transcript?

We don′t provide unofficial transcripts to former students.


How much does it cost to order a high school transcript?

The cost is $7 for former students. The cost is $10.95 for third party requesters (Colleges, Universities, Agencies, Employers).

How much does it cost to order a graduation verification?

The cost is $10.95 to provide graduation verification services to a third party.

How long does it take to process a transcript request?

The normal processing time is five to ten working days.

Can you confirm when my college has received my transcript?

A confirmation email will be sent from the Fremont Union High School District confirming that your transcript has been mailed to the college of your choice. We cannot confirm when a particular college actually processes the transcript. Please be aware that during busy times, colleges and universities may take several days to process transcripts.

What is included in a Graduation Verification?

The Graduation Verification Service verifies a former student′s name, school of attendance, dates of attendance and date of graduation.

Where can I get my GED or Adult Education Diploma?

As of January 2005, Educational Testing Service (ETS) - GED Records Center handles all requests for duplicate records in California. Visit the GED website for more information and request your transcript or call toll-free to 1-877-EXAM-GED (877-392-6433). If you are interesting in pursuing a GED or Adult Education Diploma, please contact our Adult and Community Education Department (ACE) at (408) 522-2700.

Name/Gender Change

Current Students

The Fremont Union High School District supports students who wish to identify by a name and/or gender other than their legal name/gender at school. Students who wish to use a name and gender that is different from their legal name and gender as it appears on their registration documents may do so for internal school documents (e.g., class and athletic team rosters, student identification cards, progress grade reports, and yearbook), preferably with the consent of the student’s parent/guardian. The student’s legal name and gender as it appears on registration documents will be maintained as part of the student’s permanent record (5 C.C.R. § 432(b)(1)(A), (B), D). For more information about the process for making this change request, please contact a school guidance counselor, administrator or Student Advocate and review the Frequently Asked Questions and Forms on this webpage.

Former Students

The Fremont Union High School District (“FUHSD”) maintains official transcripts as the permanent record of enrollment, coursework, and graduation for students. Former FUHSD students may request changes to their permanent record with proper documentation (34 C.F.R. § 99.7(2)(ii)). Please review the Records Change Request: Former FUHSD Students form on this webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this name/gender change apply to everything related to school?

Unfortunately, not everything. While schools and districts have more control over how student information is displayed and used at school, we do not have control over the state and federal systems. For state processes, including standardized testing (CAASPP, Physical Fitness), and state reporting, your legal name and gender will be used. For anything related to the federal government (work permits that require a social security number, financial aid forms or college applications that require a social security number or tax ID), you will need to use your legal name and gender. For the college application process, you will need to check with each college or university you plan to apply for so that you can learn about their policies and practices, which may differ. Additionally, there are certain official student records, including transcripts, which must have a student’s legal name unless or until changed through the applicable legal procedures. 

Once I make this change, who will be able to see my legal name/gender?

We take student privacy very seriously, and limit access to this information to only a few people who need it for their job duties, mostly as it pertains to enrollment, transcripts, and state reporting. On your school site, this would be your school’s Administrators, Data Technician, the Registrar staff, as well as the School Cafeteria Manager. At the District Office, there are a few people who manage our student data systems, state and federal reporting, and enrollment offices who would have access to this information. Your teachers will see only the name and gender that appears on their class rosters. However, as explained above, there may be occasions where only legal names with no current or preferred name are used (for example, CAASPP testing, documents related to special education, or perhaps for your college applications). A student’s legal name and gender may be disclosed in the event of a health or safety emergency. If you have concerns about any of these situations, you may want to discuss them with your Guidance Counselor/Administrator/Student Advocate when you meet with them. 

Why do we recommend parent/guardian approval for this process?

There is ambiguity in the law as to the extent that a parent/guardian control’s a student’s educational records. The Education Code and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) dictate that only the parent/guardian can request changes to the student’s record. However, the California Department of Education has issued guidance in this area, which highlights the critical necessity in protecting a student’s privacy interest if they cannot express their gender identity at home. As such, with these two conflicting areas of law, we recommend but do not require parent/guardian approval. 

OK, I’m ready to go! How do I get this process started?

Start by downloading this form and completing Sections I, II and III. Then make an appointment for you and a parent/guardian (if applicable) to meet with a Student Advocate about this change request, Section IV. During your meeting, the Student Advocate will explain the process, where the name/gender change applies and does not apply, and answer any questions you may have. At the conclusion of your meeting you, your parent/guardian (if applicable), and the Student Advocate will sign the form. If your parent is not present at this meeting, you will be required to sign an additional acknowledgment form regarding the possibility of the District inadvertently revealing your gender identity to your parent/guardian.

During the meeting, one of the topics you will discuss is whether or not you want your teachers to know about this change, and if so, how you would like them to be notified. The Student Advocate will give the form to your school’s Registrar who will make the change. Once the change is made, the Student Advocate will send an email to your teachers letting them know of the change if that is what you agree to during your meeting. Generally it will take 1-2 days for this change to be processed.

What if I make this change and then decide I want to change it again? Is there a limit?

There is no limitation for how many times you request to make the change, however because of the legal framework in place; we request that you be mindful that this is considered a very serious decision.

Does this process apply only to certain student populations?

While this process was implemented with the concerns of transgender and gender non-conforming students in mind, it can apply to any FUHSD student who identifies by a different name and/or gender than their legal name/gender. We ask that students are respectful and thoughtful about their decision to make this request.

What if my parents are struggling with my transition, do you have any references on how to approach this conversation?

A great resource for both transitioning parents and students is PFLAG. They have support pages for both transitioning students/youth, and pages for parents of transitioning and gender non-conforming students. Additionally, PFLAG has a local chapter in Sunnyvale for those parents who want in person discussions and guidance. Additional resources include Gender Spectrum and the Human Rights Campaign. 

Who can I talk to about whether this option is right for me?

Our school staff are here to support you, and can talk this through with you. While you can certainly talk to any trusted adult on campus, there are staff that are trained with more knowledge about student records and this process. Here are some people at your school that would be able to help answer your questions about this process: 

  • Guidance Counselor 
  • Student Advocate 
  • School Psychologist 
  • Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Advisor
  • Principal 
  • Assistant Principal 
  • Dean


Other Student Records

Other Student Records Questions

How do I get a copy of my IEP/504?

Special Education records are generally kept on file until the student reaches 22 years of age. For inquiries about special education records, please contact Susan Magana, Student Records Specialist, at 408-522-2242.

Can I still get a copy of my diploma if I never picked it up?

If you are a graduate of the most recent graduating class, please contact your school’s Registrar directly:

  • Cupertino High School: 408-366-7379
  • Fremont High School: 408-522-2405
  • Homestead High School: 408-522-2503
  • Lynbrook High School: 408-366-7710
  • Monta Vista High School: 408-366-7610
  • Educational Options (including Community School, New Start, Young Parent Program, Middle College and College Now): 408-522-2208

How do I get a grant form (such as Cal Grant GPA Verification Form or Academic Competitiveness Grant Form) filled out?

Please use the transcript service found at the top of this page.