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Parcel Tax & Parcel Tax Exemptions

The FUHSD parcel tax, which was first approved by the voters in 2004, provides the district with approximately $5 million annually to support our local high schools. When the economy collapsed in 2008, parcel tax funds helped to prevent teacher and staff layoffs and preserved core academic classes. Thank you to our community for supporting the continuation of these funds, which have strengthened classroom programs in our high schools for the past 16 years and kept teacher and support staff salaries competitive to prevent top quality teachers and staff from leaving the district.

Parcel tax funds are used to:

  • Maintain strong academic programs in science, math, social studies, technology and engineering;
  • Prepare students for college and careers;
  • Support the District’s academic programs, including the purchase of instructional equipment, materials and supplies; and
  • Attract and retain high quality teachers and staff.

On November 2, 2004, voters approved a special Parcel Tax assessment of $98 per parcel for six years. In 2010, voters approved a six year extension of the parcel tax, keeping the $98 tax assessment. On November 4, 2014 the voters approved a six year extension of the annual $98 parcel tax commencing July 1, 2016. In November 2020, the voters approved a renewal of the existing $98 parcel tax.

The tax is assessed against each parcel of taxable land in the District. A parcel is defined as any unit of land in the District that receives a separate tax bill from the Santa Clara County Assessor's Office. Any property that would otherwise be exempt from property taxes will also be exempt from the qualified special tax.

Parcel Tax funds allow Fremont Union High School District (FUHSD) to preserve core academic classes, maintain qualified and experienced teachers and school employees and to continue programs that help our students qualify for college.

Optional Exemptions and Refunds

Optional Exemptions from the $98 FUHSD Parcel Tax are available to senior citizens (65 years or older) who own and occupy, as a principal residence, a single parcel and apply to the District for exemption. Senior citizens who did not apply for an exemption and have paid the tax in full for the current tax year may apply for a refund. An exemption for 2 contiguous parcels is possible (upon approval of the District) for special circumstances.

Optional Exemptions from the $98 FUHSD Parcel Tax are also available to disabled citizen (SSI/SSDI) who own and occupy, as a principal residence, a single parcel and apply to the District for exemption.

Contiguous parcel exemptions are also available. The contiguous parcel exemption allows a property owner to combine adjacent parcels (parcels that share a common border) into one taxable unit. These combined parcels must also be used solely for owner-occupied, single-family residential purposes. All applications for a Contiguous Parcel tax exemption must also include parcel maps for verification and verification that no residences exist on other parcels.

If you would like the School District to receive $98 for your parcel, then there is no need to request and exemption.

Please remember that property tax bills should arrive at your home in October. If you qualify for a Senior Citizen Exemption and have not yet applied for one, please remember that you must have a copy of your current Property Tax bill prior turning in your exemption application. If you would like a refund, keep in mind you must pay at the least the first installment of your bill first before submitting your refund request form. 

Please read below for more information.

Parcel Tax Exemption Application

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