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Student Financial Assistance

Is your family is need of financial assistance to purchase school related items? 

If so, help is available.  In some cases, the district can help or provide assistance with such things as school supplies, dance tickets, ASB Card, yearbooks, PE uniforms, personal sports equipment and more. Please be aware that the purchase of an ASB Card allows free entrance into athletic events and reduced price for some dances/activities.

There are two parts to the process.

  1. You must first be eligible for Assistance - read below for the three ways you might be eligible
  2. You must request assistance using the form below - see section titled How to Request Assistance 


  • You have completed the Free and Reduced Meal Program application and been notified that you met eligibility requirements
    Free/Reduced Meal Application
  • You have completed the FUHSD Income Eligibility form and been notified that you met eligibility requirements
    FUHSD Income Eligibility Form
  • You have special circumstances currently that have created the need for assistance


If you need assistance and are eligible, please complete the online form titled FUHSD Student Financial Assistance Request Form below. 

Student Financial Assistance Request Form

Please be sure to read all the instructions.