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Educational Options Center

In addition to the five comprehensive high schools and the FUHSD Adult School, the Fremont Union High School District offers various programs through Educational Options to meet the needs of all students. The mission of Educational Options is to provide an individualized pathway to success for every student. On the Educational Options campus, an Assistant Principal, Guidance Counselor, School Psychologist, Student Advocate and other staff are available to support students on a daily basis. 

These programs operate on a referral basis, and the initial contact should be made at the student’s home school with an Assistant Principal or a Guidance Counselor. Many of these programs have limited spaces available and involve either an application process and/or an interview. Transportation to and from any of the educational options programs are the responsibility of the student and his/her family.

Placement of students in Educational Options is through the Placement Advisory Committee (PAC). The student and his/her family meet with district representatives of all programs to mutually determine appropriate placement for maximum success. For more information, please contact the appropriate Assistant Principal or a Guidance Counselor at your home school.

Programs Located at the District Office

Customized Learning Program (CLP)

A voluntary alternative program designed for students who want to complete credits towards a high school diploma or other post-secondary options in a small, blended learning environment. 
Students will be enrolled in up to four hours of classes on the Educational Options campus. Their customized schedule will be a combination of teacher-supported, online classes and direct instruction classes. 

  • Online classes: Using the Odysseyware and ALEKS online platforms, small group work and in-class projects, students will have the opportunity to complete high school credits needed for graduation. 
  • Direct Instruction: Students can choose small, supportive classes in Math, History, English, Read 180 and Transitions.
  • In addition to their on-site classes, students will be expected to spend an additional 2-3 hours a day in diploma-track activities. Students will work with the guidance counselor and CLP teacher to customize a schedule to complete these additional credits using community college classes, home high school classes, Work Experience, internships etc. 

Within the structure of CLP, we offer several additional supports for designated students.

Educational Options Resource

Students receive both individual and small group instruction utilizing modified state standards with the goal of receiving a high school diploma. Students also receive individualized transition support such as career exploration and job training and placement


In addition to taking core classes in CLP, interested students are provided support to pass a high school equivalency exam (GED or Hi-Set). CLP staff work closely with FUHSD Adult Education to connect students to the variety of high school equivalency and adult diploma options available after high school.

Young Parent Program

Pregnant or parenting teens participate in the regular CLP program and also receive additional information and support relevant to parenting and childcare.

Community School

A small school designed to meet the educational needs of expelled students and students transitioning from the juvenile justice system. The program runs daily from 8:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. The primary mode of instruction is direct teaching in all major subject areas. Staff includes teachers in English, History, Science, Math, and PE.

Postsecondary Programs - Bridges, Wings and Lyncs

Specialized programming designed to meet the unique needs of post-secondary students (18 to 22) across various disabilities.  Students are taught job readiness and job retention skills, appropriate behaviors and provided with hands-on experience in training sites in the community. Upon completion of the Post-Secondary program, students participate in completion celebrations and are awarded with a Certificate of Attendance.

Middle College & College Now

The Middle College and College Now programs also fall under the purview of Educational Options. For more information, visit the Middle College and College Now webpage

Contact Information

Alison Coy
Director of Educational Options

Laura Gonzales
Assistant Principal, Educational Options

Amanda Evans
Educational Options Support Specialist

Jessica Wu
Guidance Counselor

For information about Bridges, WINGS, Transitions and LYNCS:

Nancy Sullivan 
Director, Educational & Special Services