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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the last several years, one of our regular practices has been to respond to questions we receive from multiple community members and/or groups with written Q&A documents. These written responses have helped to address questions, comments and even rumors that continue to percolate out in our community by providing factual information about the District and its operations. While we have found these Q&A documents to be somewhat successful, we have decided to try out a new strategy that will allow us to share this information more widely and through different channels. In the series of videos posted here, Superintendent Bove responds directly to fourteen questions that the District has heard repeatedly from many members of our community. Some of these questions have surfaced in the last few months, while others are ones we have heard on and off for several years. We hope that by sharing this information directly with our many stakeholders, including parents, staff, students and community members, we can build upon and continue to improve our communication efforts. The questions and answers are also available in written form below.

October 2018