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1:1 Device Program

What is the 1:1 device program?

In 2021, the Fremont Union High School District launched our 1:1 laptop program. Although there were many challenges during the campus closures that began in Spring 2020, one of the highlights of distance learning was the adoption and implementation of a new learning management system, Schoology, as a digital curriculum platform and resource for all students. FUHSD built on this foundation by moving to a one-to-one laptop program in the 2021-22 school year.

1:1 is an educational concept where every student has full time access to the same laptop or Chromebook for use both in the school environment and at home. Students can choose to bring a laptop or Chromebook (no tablets) from home that meets the requirements listed below, or they can checkout a Chromebook from the district. 

The expectation will be that students will bring their device to each class every day. Through this program, teachers will be able to work with students in a variety of ways. Students will expand their sources of research, engage in meaningful real-work assignments, seek out legitimate digital information to solve real world problems, and collaborate with peers and teachers in new ways.

As a district, we want to make sure that we prepare students to be successful in the digital age by providing them with the tools, skills and knowledge necessary to prepare them for success in college and beyond, and we believe the one-to-one laptop program will help us continue to meet this goal.

What are the device requirements?

FUHSD schools expect students to adhere to our Technology Use Agreement. All students will be using a laptop or Chromebook during in-person instruction. You have the choice to bring your own devices that meets the criteria below or check one out from your school. As a reminder, use of any cameras, including those in electronic or computing devices, to photograph people without their written permission is prohibited. The district is in no way response for any kind of loss, damage or technical support of personal devices.

  1. The computer should be a Windows/Mac laptop or Chromebook with camera and microphone, ability to connect to WiFi, and should have a battery that lasts 5-6 hours without charging. iPads and other tablets are not compatible with FUHSD software and cannot be used for BYOD. Additional specifications:
    1. Operating System: Windows 10, macOS 10.14.6 or ChromeOS version 79 or greater.
    2. Web Browser: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox required for optimal use of Schoology, Zoom and Google Apps
    3. WiFi: connect to FUHSD wireless network (WiFi) system using 5GHZ 802.11AC (2.4 GHZ 802.11 G is not recommended).
    4. Screen Size: 11" or larger screen is recommended.
    5. Battery: lasts minimum of 6 hours without charging
  2. Students are expected to bring the appropriate charging cable for their personal device with them to school each day.

Requesting a Device from FUHSD

Please use the Device Request Form to request a Chromebook or Internet Access for your FUHSD work at home and at school. Students are expected to bring their device fully-charged every day to school.