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Teaching and Learning

FUHSD’s Teaching and Learning Department is committed to ensuring high levels of learning for all students. All of our new teachers are provided with an in-house new teacher induction program that focuses on their own individual learning needs. Our professional learning opportunities extend to all teachers through in-house professional development series, led by our own teachers who work collaboratively to promote top quality curriculum development incorporating the California State Adopted Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. Through our ongoing efforts to support the growth of our teaching professionals, FUHSD endeavors to create a rigorous, guaranteed and viable curriculum that promotes both excellence and equity.

Staff Directory

Name Title Phone
Tom Avvakumovits Associate Superintendent (408) 522-2207
Trudy Gross Associate Superintendent (408) 522-2203
Dina Cuellar Executive Assistant to Teaching and Learning (408) 522-2243
Nancy Sullivan Director of Educational & Special Services (408) 522-2232
Renee Olivarez Executive Assistant to Special Services (408) 522-2240
Alison Coy Director of Educational Options (408) 522-2275
Jason Crutchfield Director of Administrative Services (408) 522-2226
Laura Gonzales Assistant Principal of Educational Options (408) 522-2292
Brian Dong Assistant Principal of Academic Interventions (408) 522-2284
Denae Nurnberg Coordinator of Data and Assessment (408) 522-2291
Menko Johnson Coordinator of Bond Technology (408) 522-2270
Welton Kwong Coordinator of Curriculum & Teacher Leadership (408) 522-2209
Josh Maisel Director of Leadership Development (408) 522-2297
Cathleen Rodriguez Coordinator of Special Services (408) 522-2285
Roxy Machuca Coordinator of Special Services (408) 366-7771
Michael Martinez Coordinator of Special Services (408) 522-2250
Betty Lee Manager of Student Data Systems (408) 522-2236