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Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is a group of parents, educators and community members who provide input to the administration and school boards of Special Education Local Planning Area (SELPA) II. CAC sponsors educational and training programs related to special education at local schools (in CUSD), with business meetings held monthly. By getting involved in the CAC, you make a difference to your child as well as to our community. We welcome all community members to both our presentations and business meetings.

Each SELPA is mandated by law to:

  • Advise the administration of the development, amendment, and review of the Local Plan;
  • Recommend annual priorities to be addressed;
  • Assist in parent education and request their input;
  • Encourage community involvement in the development and review of the Local Plan;
  • Support activities for students with special needs; and
  • Educate by offering informative meetings and support.

Mission Statement

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) unites parents and educators in the effort to inform parents on issues related to raising Special Needs children, as well as to foster a nurturing and understanding environment in our schools through disability training (Abilities Awareness Program), so that students of all abilities may learn and thrive.

Latest News & Events

The CAC invites you to attend a special session on Sept. 27 to meet the special education directors of FUHSD, CUSD and SSD. The meeting will be held at Cherry Chase Elementary School from 7 to 9 p.m. Please view the event flyer for more information, as well as dates for future events.

This event provides an opportunity for parents to participate in a panel discussion with the Special Education Directors, Coordinators and Program Specialists from Cupertino Union School District, Sunnyvale School District and Fremont Union High School District. They will kick off the meeting with a short presentation discussing the purpose of our SELPA as well as outline the role and responsibilities of the SELPA and the School Districts, including an overview of the California Master Plan for special education. Referrals and links to other support services and resources will also be provided.

CAC Membership


  • Karen Cary, Chairperson
  • Donna Dillard, Secretary
  • Agnes Haymore, Operations Liaison


  • Sumathi Balaji
  • Sabeen Sattar
  • Jana Weaver

Lisa Korff

  • Supriya Sabne
  • JinHee Sun,
  • Cynthia Smyth



Anna Marie Villalabos, SELPA Director

  • Debbie Textor, Executive Director of Pupil Services
  • Shelly Ota, Director of Special Education
  • Cathy Welply, Coordinator
  • Kate Adams, Program Specialist
  • Jenn Wang, Program Specialist
  • Nancy Sullivan, Director of Educational and Special Services
  • Cathleen Rodriguez, Coordinator of Special Services
  • Roxy Machuca, Coordinator of Special Services
  • Linda Van Mouwerik, Director of Special Education
  • Jhuma Kanungo, Coordinator of Special Education
  • Dianne Holcomb, Program Specialist
  • Jana Parker, Program Specialist
  • Wendy Sharp, Program Specialist