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  • Columns are based on semester units beyond your Bachelor’s Degree
  • 1 quarter unit = 2/3 semester unit
  • FUHSD accepts up to 15 semester units of degree‐level professional development units – these units are subject to approval, and must be reflected on an official transcript from an accredited university
  • Course hours and/or certificates are not accepted
  • All other units must be graduate level as well as degree eligible, and must be reflected on official transcripts from an accredited university  Salary schedule rows are based on years of service
  • A year of service is a year in which you worked at least 75% of the contract days in a single school year, regardless of whether you were part‐time or full time
  • All experience must be in a credentialed, certificated position in an accredited public school

Example: A teacher taught at Jefferson High School from 01/06/2010‐06/30/2015. This counts as 5 years of service credit. The 09/10 school year would not count, as it was less than 75% of the contract days for that school year. This would place them at Step 6 on the FUHSD salary schedule. This teacher has 48 quarter units on an official transcript from their Masters program, which equals 32 semester units. They also have an official transcript from San Jose State for 3 semester professional development units from a writing project conference they attended. Their BTSA program was 10 semester units from University of the Pacific, also on official transcripts. This would place them in Column II of the salary schedule, with a total of 45 semester units. Upon verification and approval, their final placement on the salary schedule would be Step 6, Column II, with a stipend for their Masters degree.

Final Salary Placement is always subject to official verification and approval.


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For information on your district health benefits, please contact Sherill Panelo at (408) 522-2214 or sherill_panelo@fuhsd.org.