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Student Transfer Options

Under most circumstances, only students living within the Fremont Union High School District (FUHSD) boundaries will be allowed to attend an FUHSD school.  Students will attend one of the five high schools based upon which attendance boundary area based their primary residence is located.

However, there are some options in which students can transfer schools within FUHSD or transfer in or out of FUHSD. Each transfer request has a unique set of procedures, forms and requirements. For more information on each of the transfer options below, just click on the link or use the menu on the right. 

Please remember that all transfers are special requests and decision are based on many factors including, enrollment, capacity, funding, legal restrictions, staffing, program needs and more. 

For more information please contact the enrollment office at enrollment@fuhsd.org or (408) 522-2266.


Employee Privilege
This program allows employees of FUHSD, SSD & CUSD to have their student attend an FUHSD school.  

Senior Privilege
This is a transfer that may be granted to student that move out of their school boundary area, during or immediately before their senior year in school.  If the move is out side of FUHSD boundaries, then the Inter-District Transfer process must also be completed.  

Inter-District Transfer
This is a request to transfer into the Fremont Union High School District from another resident district or for students residing within FUHSD to request a transfer to another district.

Intra-District Transfer
This is a request to transfer from one FUHSD school to another.

  • Intra District Transfers are not managed by the Enrollment Office
  • FUHSD Board Policy states that students shall attend high school based upon the attendance boundary area in which their primary residence is located
  • Intra District Transfers are not common
  • Students must have fully completed enrollment and address verification in their resident school before seeking any transfer
  • If there are exceptional circumstances, supported by documented evidence of need, that you feel warrant an exception to District Board policy, you must contact your resident high school to make an appointment with the appropriate Administrator

Student Transfer Programs
These are Special District Programs to help mitigate enrollment shifts occurring within the district. There are currently two such programs available:

  • Lynbrook Supplemental School Assignment Program (LSSAP)
  • Monta Vista Supplemental School Assignment Program (MSSAP)