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Enrollment Documents Needed


Students must have proof of Mantoux TB test given within 12 months of enrolling if student is entering from outside of Santa Clara County.  TB test performed outside the USA will not be accepted. 

The TB test/Risk Assessment is a Santa Clara County Department of Public Health requirement for schools.  Students may not attend school without meeting this requirement.


The following Documents are required for Address Verification as part of the Enrollment Process:

In order to complete the On-Line Enrollment & Registration, you will need to upload the following Address Verification Documents:

1. Parent’s Picture ID - one from the following list:

  • California State Driver’s License or California State ID Card
  • Valid Passport 
  • Other government or State issued picture ID

2.  Address Document #1 - one from the following list:

  • Valid DMV vehicle registration (title documents do not meet residency requirements)
  • Current W-2 Tax forms
  • Current paystub - employer and employee’s name and address must be imprinted on the paystub
  • Monthly internet bill

3. Address Document #2 - one from the following list:

  • Current Property Tax Bill with parent name and property address, not payment stub
  • Tenant's copy of Rental or Lease agreement with parent name and address, as well as manager's or owner’s name and phone number ((usually the first page and the signature page)

4. Address Document #3

  • Current Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) Bill, online account profile or other utility bill/online statement

If PG&E costs are included in your monthly rent, you may instead attach one of the following:

  • Current Monthly Bank statement with parent name and address
  • Current Monthly Insurance Bill with parent name and address


if you have just moved into your new home/apartment, you may not have your first month's bills yet.  Therefore, instead of PGE bill, Internet bill, or cable TV bill, you may turn in Service Notification or Confirmation.  These are often available on your on-line account or they may be emailed to you from the company.


If you are unable to provide any of the above required documents, you must contact the FUHSD Enrollment Office to discuss your options. 


The following documents are required for Registration as part of the Enrollment Process:

  1. Student Birth Document - one from the following list:
  • Birth certificate
  • Adoption document
  • Foster document
  • Other birth, baptismal, or legal family registry document that includes parent names

2.  Transcripts - One or more from the following list:

  • Most recent report card (current 8th grader only)
  • Withdraw Paper (required for mid-school year registration)
  • Most current high school cumulative transcript

3.  Immunization Records - one or more from the following list:

  • Complete immunization records including dates and physician signature/stamp. Please check www.shotsforschool.org for the Santa Clara County requirement
  • Mantoux TB test given within 12 months of enrolling if student is entering from outside of Santa Clara County.  TB test performed outside the USA will not be accepted.
  • COVID-19 vaccination records, if available
  • CAIR-ME exemption needed for any previously exempted immunization per https://cair.cdph.ca.gov/exemptions/home

4. IEP or 504 Plan – one or more from the following list, if applied:

  • Most current IEP
  • Most current 504 Plan
  • Other Special Education services plan or doctor’s evaluations

CURRENT 8TH GRADE STUDENTS who attended a feeder district (Cupertino Union School District or Sunnyvale School District) school during the school's first term do not have to provide registration items 2, 3, or 4, as FUHSD will have received that information from the middle school in December.

Spanish and Chinese translated digital forms and assistance are available; please contact the Enrollment Office at (408) 522-2266.