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Maintenance & Operations

The Maintenance and Operations Department coordinates and manages the District's maintenance and repair of school buildings, their associated environmental systems such as heating or cooling plants, and surrounding landscaped grounds and play fields. Maintenance and Operations also oversees the deferred maintenance of modernization projects and supervises District custodial services in cooperation with site administrators.

The ultimate goal of the Maintenance Department is to provide a clean, orderly, safe, cost-effective, and instructionally supportive school environment that contributes to the school district’s mission of educating our children to meet the intellectual, physical, and emotional demands of the 21st century.

Safety, operations and risk management also falls under the purview of Maintenance and Operations, with the goal of providing a safe and healthy environment for the approximately 11,000 students and 1000 employees of the Fremont Union High School District. This mission is supported through periodic inspections of existing district facilities, and careful review of all safety and emergency preparedness plans to ensure a school environment that promotes powerful teaching and learning.

Maintenance & Property Services Standards


Reference Measures

Adequate levels of maintenance

Did the department provide maintenance, custodial, and grounds services that were adequate to meet board, administration, and the general public’s expectations?

Improved facility conditions

Did the department provide services that resulted in improved or enhanced conditions?

Cost effectiveness

Did the department conduct maintenance and operations activities in a cost effective manner?

Strategic plan Implementation

Did the department develop and implement a strategic plan aimed at defining and addressing facility needs, shortcomings, and deficiencies in the years to come?

Cost-saving measures

Did the department implement measures to contain or reduce costs in certain areas of operation?

Educational Support

How much and what types of services did the department provide that were in direct support of the educational process?

Overall effectiveness

Did the department achieve a level of effectiveness that is reflected in customer attitudes and perceptions?Reference Measures


Reference Measures

  • Volume of work orders completed
  • Amount of Preventive maintenance performed
  • Number of Emergencies Responded to
  • Number and types of facility improvements/upgrades made Description of major budget expenditures
  • Budget Projections for the next year
  • Customer Satisfaction ratings
  • Implementation of the strategic plan, other initiatives, and priorities Overall effectiveness in support of the educational process

Contact Information

Erik Walukiewicz
Director of Facilities
(408) 522-2256

Tara Grande
Coordinator of Facilities
(408) 522-2258

Matt Bryant
Maintenance Support Specialist
(408) 522-2255