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Measure CC Bond Program

Thank you to the FUHSD Community

Thank you to the FUHSD community for their support and passage of Measure CC. We are so grateful to the many members of our community who volunteered their time for this effort.
The funds from Measure CC will provide us with a secure and stable source of revenue that will allow us to tackle many of our school facility modernization needs. Our five campuses are each 50 years old, and Fremont High School is fast approaching the 100 year mark. We have approximately 400 classrooms that are in desperate need of modernization. Work planned for Measure CC funds will include replacement of heating and cooling systems, new roofing and floors, LED lighting, new technology and furniture. We are going to continue our practice of using bond funds to make our buildings more energy efficient in order to save on general fund operating expenses.
More information and a list of possible projects for each of our five campuses can be found on this page. Over the course of the next several months, we will be solidifying our project list for the Measure CC funds and working with our principals to gather input from staff, students and families on our proposed projects. We look forward to working with all stakeholder groups to ensure the best use of the bond funds for our students.
Thank you again for your support of our students, staff and schools.

Measure CC Information

In Nov. 2018, the voters passed Measure CC, a $275 million school bond. Measure CC will allow FUHSD to continue the work started under Measures B and K to build classrooms and modernize facilities at all five high school campuses, which are each at least 50 years old. Between Measures B and K, we were able to build 127 new classrooms district-wide. The continuation of this modernization process under Measure CC will include necessary upgrades to infrastructure, with the goal of touching the remaining 400 classrooms that have not yet been updated at Cupertino, Fremont, Homestead, Lynbrook and Monta Vista high schools.

Modernization in each classroom will include new Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, LED lighting replacement and ceiling tiles, fire alarms and sprinklers, a technology refresh, new furniture, painting and patching, roofing and flooring. 

Measure CC will provide strict accountability, with all funds audited annually and reviewed by an independent citizens’ oversight committee. The average yearly cost to property owners in the District will be a maximum of $16 per $100,000 of assessed value (not market value). FUHSD is proud to have the highest possible credit rating for a school district from both Standard and Poor’s (Aaa) and Moody’s (AAA). This has allowed the District to refinance bonds at favorable rates and save taxpayer money. 

Future needs at each site that could potentially be funded by Measure CC include the following:


  • Classroom Modernization (100, 300, 400, 500 Wings)
  • Music Room Expansion
  • Visual and Performing Arts Courtyard
  • Field Upgrades
  • Replacement of Canopy System


  • Classroom Modernization (20, 70, 80, 90 and 100 Wings)
  • Field House
  • Wrestling Room
  • Field Upgrades


  • Renovation on Buildings A, B, C and L
  • Seismic safety work
  • Modernization of Building S, Library, Library Quad and Gym Lobby


  • Classroom Modernization (70, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 & 600 Wings)
  • STEM/Maker Space and Robotics Center
  • Science Classroom Modernization
  • Field Upgrades

Monta Vista

  • Classroom Modernization (wings A, B, C, D and E)
  • Academic Quad
  • Conversion of old dance room into offices

Contact Information

Graham Clark
Deputy Superintendent
(408) 522-2205

Christine Mallery
CBO/Associate Superintendent
(408) 522-2245

Faith Severson
Manager, Bond Operations
(408) 522-2233