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Bond Program

Over the last two decades, the community served by the Fremont Union High School District has been incredibly generous in approving several school improvement bonds to help ensure the necessary upkeep and maintenance of our five campuses and other facilities, as well as to make sure the District could provide adequate facilities to address enrollment growth. Our staff and students are incredibly grateful for the beautiful and functional buildings that support the teaching and learning that takes place at each of our high school campuses.

Completed and Upcoming Projects from Measures B & K

Lynbrook High School Cafe & Quad
Homestead High School Innovation Hub
Educational Options Building
Fremont High School Guidance & Student Services Building
Lynbrook High School Field House
Homestead High School Cafeteria and Quad
Monta Vista High School Cafeteria
Cupertino High School Cafeteria, Library and Quad
Fremont High School Cafeteria and Classroom Building

History of FUHSD Bonds

Bond Measure CC (November 2018)

In Nov. 2018, the voters passed Measure CC, a $275 million school bond. Measure CC will allow FUHSD to continue the work started under Measures B and K to build classrooms and modernize facilities at all five high school campuses, which are each at least 50 years old. Between Measures B and K, we were able to build 127 new classrooms district-wide. The continuation of this modernization process under Measure CC will include necessary upgrades to infrastructure, with the goal of touching the remaining 400 classrooms that have not yet been updated at Cupertino, Fremont, Homestead, Lynbrook and Monta Vista high schools.

Modernization in each classroom will include new Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, LED lighting replacement and ceiling tiles, fire alarms and sprinklers, a technology refresh, new furniture, painting and patching, roofing and flooring. 

Measure CC will provide strict accountability, with all funds audited annually and reviewed by an independent citizens’ oversight committee. The average yearly cost to property owners in the District will be a maximum of $16 per $100,000 of assessed value (not market value). FUHSD is proud to have the highest possible credit rating for a school district from both Standard and Poor’s (Aaa) and Moody’s (AAA). This has allowed the District to refinance bonds at favorable rates and save taxpayer money. 

Bond Measure K (November 2014)

Measure K, a $295 million school facilities bond, was approved by 64.84% of the voters. The ballot measure read:

"To avoid overcrowding at Cupertino, Fremont, Homestead, Lynbrook and Monta Vista High Schools by building the new classrooms and facilities needed to serve a growing student population, updating computer network capability and science labs, upgrading classroom computers and technology, and replacing, acquiring, constructing and renovating school facilities shall the Fremont Union High School District issue $295 million in bonds at interest rates within the legal limit with annual audits and all expenditures monitored by an Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee?"

Initial List of Measure K Bond Projects (April 2016)

Bond Measure B (June 2008)

Measure B, a 67.1% voter-approved $198 million school facilities bond, provided the funds necessary to continue to renovate and modernize Cupertino, Fremont, Homestead, Lynbrook and Monta Vista High Schools.

Measure B funds were used to:

  • Create a dedicated Technology Fund that will allow the district to upgrade and maintain classroom computers and related technology;
  • Build new science labs;
  • Construct the new classrooms needed to avoid overcrowding;
  • Replace aging heating, lighting, plumbing and electrical systems;
  • Improve energy efficiency at each high school;
  • Create classrooms/labs designed for career and technical education classes that supplement traditional college preparatory courses;
  • Upgrade and improve athletic facilities and fields;
  • Improve campus safety and security;
  • Upgrade and improve emergency communications systems; and
  • Add solar power and make the dollars now spent on utility bills available to support classroom programs.

Bond Measure H (April 1998)

FUHSD's Facilities Modernization Program began with the passage of a $144 million bond measure on April 14, 1998, which garnered 79% approval. All classrooms at our five high schools—Cupertino, Fremont, Homestead, Lynbrook, and Monta Vista—were modernized, providing an environment more conducive to teaching and learning. Each high school was given a new library building or an updated, modern library facility. Student-centered facilities were modernized, including drama and music areas, gyms and locker rooms. Several new buildings were constructed, including field houses (gym without bleachers) on two campuses and a very large gym/classroom building on one campus. The District added an additional 160,000 square feet of classroom, library and gym space.


The front of the school changed dramatically with a new arch entrance that mirrored the design of the new field house. Every instructional classroom was remodeled and updated. New facilities included an eight-classroom science building, field house (practice gym), dance studio and swimming pool. Other key venues that were remodeled include a performing arts theatre, gym/locker rooms, library, cafeteria and administration building. The physical and instructional environment was dramatically improved for students and staff.


The eighty-year-old campus was wonderfully transformed under Measure H. A sparkling new library and state-of-the-art music building were constructed and older buildings were also updated and remodeled. The addition of an Olympic-sized swimming pool and pool house completed this evolution to a world-class campus, while maintaining the integrity of the historic main building. The school was given the feel of a college campus with a new amphitheater and arched library building in the center of the campus.


All classroom areas, the cafeteria, gymnasiums and auditorium were renovated, and a new library, swimming pool and music building addition were completed. In 2006, a scoreboard was added in the aquatics center, an impressive mural and acoustics were added to the gymnasium and a state-of-the-art sound system was installed in the auditorium. The new library is stunning, with one wall of glass facing the oak tree in the quad in front of the school.


All instructional spaces were remodeled, providing new and improved facilities in the core curricular areas, as well as in the support areas, including the library, gymnasiums (including new field house), swimming pool, locker rooms, auditorium, drama and music room. The new library building on the back of the campus beautifully mirrors the design of the other school buildings.


In Fall 2007, the school completed renovation of the administration building, ASB office, career center and the cafeteria, bringing to close an eight-year modernization project. Already completed were the new visual and performing arts building and a 33,000 square foot complex housing a new gym and fourteen new classrooms. An expanded library media center and renovated auditorium opened in September 2005. New athletic facilities, including a new swimming pool and a renovated gymnasium, opened in Fall 2006. The renovated auditorium and library are outstanding facilities.