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Dual Enrollment

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual enrollment is an option for juniors or seniors who wish to take a class (in-person or online) offered by one of the community colleges in our area: De Anza College, Foothill College (including the Sunnyvale Center), Mission College or West Valley College.

Students take community college classes primarily for enrichment purposes in subject areas that are outside of FUHSD’s curriculum (e.g., astronomy, psychology, mathematics beyond AP Calculus BC, etc.). In general, enrichment courses earn college credits only. Students may choose to take a community college class to fulfill graduation requirements if they have failed a class; in this case, the credits may be applied to the high school transcript. Students who wish to have the credits applied to the FUHSD transcript, must complete the FUHSD Request for Credit from Outside Educational Institutions form prior to enrolling in the course, which requires parent/guardian signatures as well as a school administrator’s signature. 

The first step for a student who wishes to take a community college class is for the student to meet with his or her Guidance Counselor to discuss the reasons for taking the course, and how the course may affect the student’s course load and time management. 

Students will then need to coordinate with their parents or guardians and a high school administrator to complete the High School Dual Enrollment form required by the community college (see each college’s websites for the most recent dual enrollment form).

All community college classes taken by the student must be reported to any college or university to which the student applies in the future. Students who take dual enrollment classes must pay close attention to community college deadlines and save their community college documents and identification numbers to ensure college transcripts can be easily accessed at a future date. Not all courses are transferable to a four-year college or university. See www.assist.org to learn whether a course is transferable to UC or CSU campuses.

Community college classes taken while students are in high school generate a college transcript and grade point average for the student. Students who earn D’s or F’s in community college classes as high school students may lose opportunities for future financial aid that is given to students in “good standing." Those who wish to take college classes while in high school should consider carefully the course and the time needed to be successful in the course alongside the student’s other obligations.

De Anza College Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is offered by the Fremont Union High School District in collaboration with De Anza College. De Anza College is the closest community college to FUHSD, and the majority of FUHSD students who wish to participate in dual enrollment choose to do so with De Anza. For this reason, the information listed on this site is specific only to De Anza College and can also be found on the De Anza College Dual Enrollment website. However, FUHSD students may attempt to participate in dual (concurrent) enrollment with any of the local community colleges; please see those individual community college websites for details.

All 9th through 12th grade students are eligible to take classes at De Anza College; age does not matter.

De Anza classes are intended for enrichment purposes only (for college credit only) and will not appear on the high school transcript. However, De Anza classes will appear on the student's De Anza transcript and the student may access it through their student account in the My Portal link on the De Anza website. Putting De Anza classes on the high school transcript is not always in the student's best interest; please speak to a FUHSD Guidance Counselor if you have questions or concerns.

Additional guidance and information can be found in the Dual Enrollment Information Packet and on the De Anza College webpage on College Classes for FUHSD Students.


Current De Anza Dual Enrollment Courses

For information on the current courses available through our partnership with De Anza, please visit the De Anza College Classes for FUHSD webpage.

Courses offered during school hours in partnership with de anza (Most courses offered during 7th period)

To sign up for these courses: Please contact your assigned high school guidance counselor, who will then approve the request and connect you with the school hosting the course. You will then be given further instructions.

Courses Offered After School Hours in partnership with de anza

To sign up for these courses, we recommend you speak with your guidance counselor before you register for any dual enrollment courses. Once you have spoken to your counselor, you can apply and register online for the quarter you'd like to take classes through De Anza or Foothill. Please be sure to use the appropriate CRN numbers to sign up for community college courses assigned to classes AFTER School Hours, as listed on De Anza's FUHSD student website.

To obtain priority registration, student must apply to De Anza, complete the De Anza High School Permission Form - CCAP ONLY (Student).

DUAL ENROLLMENT on the community college campus

You can also take De Anza courses outside of those through our district partnership on your own. Visit the De Anza Dual Enrollment webpage for more information.

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