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Advisory Curriculum

The purpose of Advisory is for students to engage and build community with a teacher and group of peers on a weekly basis, to facilitate learning of important items that are not necessarily related to a particular subject area. Examples include:

  • Schoology practice,
  • mandated emergency procedures,
  • learning how to ask for help and where various sources of assistance are available,
  • guidance developed lessons and college planning,
  • mindfulness activities, goal-setting and team-building activities,
  • engaging in Social Emotional Learning,
  • developing anti-bias/anti-racist education of our students,
  • learning about harassment/anti-harassment,
  • exploring what are appropriate interactions with students/staff,
  • reading/discussing articles/stories/current events, or
  • school surveys.

The hoped for outcome is not just for students to gain a broader understanding of the aforementioned important issues, but also to further build our school community and establish a connection with a staff member from whom students can seek assistance, guidance and support. While lessons at each school site may vary slightly, the general lessons for these advisories will be posted on this webpage.

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