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Climate Collective

The FUHSD Climate Collective is a student-directed districtwide team that brings together students, teachers and district leadership to answer two driving questions in the face of rising concern for climate change and the environment:

  1. Curriculum - How can FUHSD provide students with opportunities for climate literacy?
  2. Facilities - How can FUHSD minimize its environmental impact? 

Core Values


By design, the FUHSD Climate Collective is student driven. We aim to invite and place youth voices at the forefront of decision making.

Measurable Impact

With a long term vision since its inception, the FUHSD Climate Collective strategically sets short term goals annually with measurable impact. This allows us to address the changing needs of our district. 


The FUHSD Climate Collective was formed in the Summer of 2023 to establish collaboration between different stakeholders, many of whom were already involved in efforts to improve sustainability. Students across the district had joined forces in 2022 to form a Sustainability Commission and organized Earth Day Festivals in 2023, one at each of the five high schools, to invite the community to engage in dynamic solutions to climate change. That same year, FUHSD was awarded a Green Ribbon Schools Award by the California Department of Education. In order to fully realize its potential to be a leader in sustainability and empower the next generations of environmental stewards, the FUHSD Superintendent instituted the Climate Collective.