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Citizens Advisory Committee on Enrollment

The purpose of the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is to study the enrollment needs of FUHSD and all its aspects, and to provide recommendations to the FUHSD Board of Trustees so it can make decisions regarding enrollment that benefit the Fremont Union High School District as a whole. The FUHSD Superintendent created a Superintendent's ad hoc Citizens Advisory Committee on Enrollment in Spring 2016. This committee meets independently from the Board of Trustees and has an independent facilitator.

The CAC will be reconvened in the 2023-24 school year to continue its work from the prior year.

Dec. 2022: Update on the CAC & Approval of the Monta Vista Supplemental School Assignment Program

At the start of the 2022-23 school year, the FUHSD Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) was reconvened to discuss strategies for stabilizing enrollment across all five comprehensive high schools beginning in the 2023-24 school year. The reconvened group was made up of five parents or community members from each high school area, a student from each school, the five principals, FEA representatives Jason Heskett and Bonnie Belshe and district staff. 

While declining enrollment continues to be an issue across the District, the problem has become most acute at Monta Vista High School. The CAC met over the course of five meetings, where they were given a great deal of information about the district’s operations, funding, enrollment data over time, course scheduling process and other critical topics to help them consider a variety of short-term solutions to bolster enrollment at MVHS.

After careful consideration, the CAC made a recommendation to the Board of Trustees at the Dec. 6 Board meeting to approve a one-year transfer program that would allow for the transfer of approximately 30 students from the Homestead High School attendance area to MVHS. This program, which will be called the Monta Vista Supplemental School Assignment Program (MSSAP) will operate in a similar fashion to the Lynbrook Supplemental School Assignment Program (LSSAP) that has been in place for the last six years. It will have the same application process and deadlines, however, it will be open only to all incoming ninth grade students that live within the Homestead attendance area.

The CAC will continue to work together to study how the LSSAP and subsequently the MSSAP are working, while also looking at more long-term solutions for stabilizing enrollment.

More information about the MSSAP can be found on our Enrollment webpage.

Meeting Minutes and Presentations