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Board Office Hours

Parent & Community Webinars 2020-21

As part of our continued efforts to communicate with you on a regular basis regarding the latest guidance from the State and Public Health and any subsequent changes to our instructional plans, we will be holding several parent and community webinars throughout the year. Similar to the webinars that were scheduled during the summer break, these sessions will include members of the FUHSD Leadership team, as well as two members of the Board of Trustees. Parents and community members will have the opportunity to submit questions and provide feedback during the session.


Board Office Hours Protocol

In recognition of the critical role that communication, transparency and accessibility play in the relationship between the Fremont Union High School District (FUHSD) Board of Trustees and the parents, families and community members that reside in FUHSD, the Board began an Office Hours program in May 2017. It is our belief that regular, open-door meetings and dialogue between the Board and members of the community will help continue to strengthen positive communication and trust between the District and the students, families and residents that it serves.

The Board recognizes that no more than two Board Members can be present at any given Office Hours session and that no decisions will be made by the Board Members in attendance. These guidelines are in place to ensure compliance with the Brown Act. This protocol details the guidelines for the Office Hours program.