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January 2019

The FUHSD management team held their annual Winter Event at Campo di Bocce. It was a great way to mark the end the holiday season and celebrate the start of a new semester with food, fun, friendship and Bocce ball.

November 2018

November 14 – FUHSD Annual Women’s Choral Festival

Trustee Jeff Moe attended the annual Choral Festival at Homestead High School, where choir members from each of our five schools enthusiastically participated.  Guest conductor Professor Anna Hamre from Fresno State University provided motivational instruction. She commented on how supportive the students were, providing an enthusiastic applause after each schools’ performance. She also commended the five choir directors on the excellent quality of each choir program. It was a fun event for all, including those in attendance who heard five wonderful choirs. Thank you to the FUHS Foundation for sponsoring this event.
Students perform at the 2018 FUHSD Choral Festival

November 15 – A Healthy Mind: A discussion with Parents on Teen Mental Heath 

Trustee Jeff Moe attended a presentation sponsored by FUHSD staff and El Camino Hospital ASPIRE Program. This presentation was held at Monta Vista and was previously held at the other four high schools in the district. The three main presenters, Dr. Kelly Toiano and Dr. Glenn Teeter from El Camino hospital, and Trudy Gross, FUHSD Assistant Superintendent each provided helpful information and suggestions for parents:
  • Spend time talking with your teen on topics that are not part of an agenda and are of interest to the teen;
  • To promote emotional health for your teen, encourage the following (SEEDS acronym):
    • Social connectivity with friend and adults (not social media);
    • Exercise;
    • Education in a topic that is interesting to the teen;
    • Diet; and
    • Sleep.

If a parent is concerned about a teen’s mental health, the Pediatrician is a good resource. If the Pediatrician determines that additional support is needed, they can refer the teen to a therapist or psychologist.

November 17 – From MVHS to the White House

Trustee Jeff Moe attended the Cupertino Chamber’s “Let’s Talk Education” series, which was co-sponsored by the FUHS Foundation, the Cupertino Library Foundation and CEEF.  The speaker was Monta Vista High School graduate DJ Patil who talked about his journey from MVHS to the White House, where he served as the White House’s first Chief Data Scientist. He served under Presidents' Bush and Obama.  

November 4 – Cupertino Co-Op Nursery School

Trustee Jeff Moe attended the annual Cupertino Co-Op Nursery School (CCNS) Fall Festival. CNSS offers parent and child education for children ages 3-5. The Fall Festival was well-attended with current families, alumni families, teachers, and supporters. Students from Fremont High School ran the children’s activity stations. It was a fun time for all and a great way to recognize the wonderful contribution that CCNS makes to our community.

Trustee Jeff Moe poses with students at the Cupertino Co-Op Nursery Fall Fest


November 2 – Challenge Success Annual Parent Education Event

Trustee Jeff Moe attended Challenge Success’s 15th annual Parent Education event, which was titled, SAY WHAT? The Power of Communication in Raising Healthy, Engaged Kids. Doctors Denise Pope and Madeline Levine began the event, followed by the keynote speaker, Dr. Wendy Mogel, a well-know lecturer and author.  The event concluded with a panel comprised of the three doctors and two students, who commented on three communication-challenging vignettes. Some of the main take-aways included the following recommendations:

  • No matter how ridiculous the request, engage your child in a conversation rather than rejecting the request outright. Take a deep breath and say, “Tell me more about that.”
  • Be enchanted with your child’s enchantment. For example, you can say, “I never knew that, tell me more.”

October 2018

October 17 - The Asian Parent Playbook for Talking to Teens

Trustees Hung Wei and Jeff Moe, as members of the Asian American Parents Association (AAPA), sponsored The Asian Parent Playbook for Talking to Teens.  During this event, Doctors Rona Hu, Steve Sust, Grace Liu and Joanne Lee, from the Stanford University organization Chipao, role-played parents-teenager communication challenges. It was a great way for parents in our community to experience and share communication strategies.

October 31 - Hsinchu Sister City Visit 

Cupertino High School hosted eight students from the Cupertino Sister City of Hsinchu, Taiwan. On Halloween, administrators from the National Experimental High School at Hsinchu Science Park and Hsinchu Municipal San Min Junior High School were hosted by Principal Kami Tomberlain and Assistant Principal Geoff Wright. Joined by Trustees Roy Rocklin and Jeff Moe, Sister City Chairperson Angela Chen and Assistant Superintendent Trudy Gross, they toured the campus, enjoyed seeing a variety of costumes and appreciated the brunch festivities. 

Trustees pose with visitors from Cupertino's Sister City, Hsinchu



Orchestras from all five high schools in FUHSD had a chance to show their musical prowess at in the Shannon Theater at Fremont High School. Trustees Bill Wilson, Hung Wei, Roy Rocklin and Jeff Moe attended and were impressed by the amazing skill shown by the participants. In addition to enjoying an evening of wonderful music, the board members were impressed by the camaraderie and mutual appreciation shown by the participants from different schools.


Trustee Bill Wilson attended the traditional faculty skit that kicks off homecoming events at Lynbrook High School. Teachers and administrators performed a very humorous skit in costume, much to the delight of the students. It was a perfect opportunity for students to have a relaxing break during the day and see their teachers in a different light.

October 3 – Raft Annual Fundraiser

Trustee Jeff Moe attended the RAFT Annual Fundraiser. RAFT (Resource Area for Teaching) provides low-cost supplies for teachers. In recent years they have branched out into creating STEAM kits and lesson plans for teachers. The main focus of Raft is supporting elementary-level education, but they are looking to expand to high school.

October 5 – Annual Interact BBQ 

The annual Interact BBQ was held at Monta Vista High School and co-hosted by MVHS Interact Club and Cupertino Rotary. Trustee Jeff Moe, wearing his Cupertino Rotary hat, helped grill 170 beef, chicken and veggie patties. Each of our schools has an Interact club, where students develop leadership skills while discovering the power of Service Above Self.

October 5 – Sunnyvale High School Alumni Homecoming

The Sunnyvale High School Alumni held their fifth annual homecoming reunion at Kings Academy. It was a fun celebration for all and a well-played football game. The highlight was a presentation at half-time by Kings Academy principal Scott Meadows to FUHSD Superintendent Polly Bove. Polly was presented with a Sunnyvale High School football jersey bearing her name, in recognition of her efforts to help revive the annual Sunnyvale High School reunions. Also displayed at half time, was the FUHSD totem pole with the Sunnyvale High School totem at the top.

Superintendent Bove is presented with a football jersey with her name on it at the Kings Academy Homecoming Game


September 2018

Sept. 20 - FUHSD College Fair

The annual FUHSD College Fair, held on at Homestead High School, provided opportunities for students and parents to learn about admissions, financial aid, campus life, student support services, campus housing and upcoming college events from the more than 100 colleges and universities in attendance. Trustee Jeff Moe attended this popular event along with what appeared to be, most parents and students in the district. It was clear that our families are interested in college and that colleges are interested in our students.

Students speak with representatives from various colleges and universities at the 2018 FUHSD College Fair


Sept. 22 – Cupertino Chamber of Commerce, Let’s Talk Education

The Cupertino Chamber of Commerce hosted a panel that discussed how our local High Schools had prepared our students for college and beyond. The panelists included four of our graduates who recently entered the working world and four parents of children who graduated from our High Schools and recently entered the working world. Here are some of the take-aways:

  • Don’t focus purely on academics. Develop well-rounded skills, including creativity, problem-solving, and communication. The panelists mentioned sports as a good tool to develop skills like teamwork and dealing with competition. Also, clubs were mentioned, including FBLA and DECCA.
  • Knowing the application of what you are learning is important. This can come from career nights, job shadowing and mentors.
  • The rigor of our High Schools made college easier and reduced the pressure of college.
  • College students should begin to focus on their post-college career in their early college years and look for networking and internship opportunities.Don’t wait until senior year.

Sept. 15 – Student Art Exhibit at the Silicon Valley Fall Festival

Over 130 students from our five high schools exhibited their art at the Silicon Valley Fall Festival. The festival-goers were awestruck by the beauty of the art. They were asked to vote for their favorite art piece. Many were unable to decide because there were so many outstanding pieces. Over 60 art pieces received one or more votes for the best art piece of the festival. 

July 2018

All five Board members, along with Superintendent Polly Bove and her entire staff attended the Summer Academy Graduation Ceremony on July 26.  This was the ninth and final graduation ceremony of the year, in which 28 students from throughout the district participated. 

"These students demonstrated determination and perseverance to complete the courses necessary for their graduation, which they were unable to complete during the regular school year due to a variety of personal reasons. Congratulations to Summer Academy Principal Jackie Corso and Assistant Principal Eric Summers on a well-run program." - Jeff Moe, Trustee

May 2018

In May, Trustees Jeff Moe and Hung Wei attended the Equity Showcase held at Fremont High School. A total of 39 teachers and teacher groups from all five FUHSD schools presented innovative teaching practices that they implemented this year. The presentations were very thoughtful, covering both successful and unsuccessful aspects, adjustments made and future plans. In addition, each presenter invited the audience (often other teachers and administrators) to ask questions and provide feedback, furthering the learning process. 

Trustee Moe also made sure to tune in to the Monta Vista High School Boys Volleyball CCS Championship, which was streamed live on the NFHS Network. It was a close and exciting 5-set match, which Monta Vista ultimately lost to Bellarmine High School. However, Monta Vista had the last word, by defeating Bellarmine in the Norcal semifinal in another very close match. And then Monta Vista went on to win the Norcal Championship against Clovis High School in another 5-set thriller.  

Trustee Moe also visited Fremont High for the Statway Class final student presentations and Homestead High School's Mythology class for the student year end presentations, which were based on Google's practice of giving employees 20% of their time to work on a project of their choosing.

"As I viewed the student presentations, I was struck by the students’ enthusiasm and creativity. Not only were the students completely engaged in the projects, in some cases they enlisted the help of friends and family. Congratulations to the students and to Mr Hinton for creating a valuable learning exercise for the students. I am looking forward to next year’s presentations." - Jeff Moe, Trustee

April 2018

This month, Trustee Jeff Moe represented FUHSD at the Annual Saratoga State of the City event. The event was initiated by members of the Saratoga Youth Commission, which includes three students from Lynbrook High School. Mayor Mary-Lynne Bernard gave a warm and informative presentation on Saratoga’s recent accomplishments, focusing on health, safety, parks, trees, public art and outdoor experiences. 

The entire Board of Trustees was present to celebrate Superintendent Polly Bove as the recipient of the prestigious Citizen of the Year award at the Cupertino STAR Awards on April 28. Assistant Superintendent Tom Avvakumovits gave a rousing introduction for Superintendent Bove. 

Student Board Member and Monta Vista student Samantha Millar organized a Voter Registration Event, which was held at Monta Vista High School on April 27.  Trustee Moe attended along with board colleagues Roy Rocklin, Hung Wei, Jeff Moe and Bill Wilson. Students and elected officials gave inspiring talks to encourage students to register to vote. At Samantha’s home school alone, 150 students registered. Congratulations to Samantha for a successful event and voter registration drive!

Trustee Moe also attended the Santa Clara County School Boards Association's annual Hoffmann Awards dinner on April 26, where the FUHSD Mentor Team was honored the District's signature professional development program The Skillful Teacher. The Hoffmann Awards is in its 33rd year of honoring school and district programs that significantly impact student success in our region. Trustees Roy Rocklin, Hung Wei, Jeff Moe and Bill Wilson and Assistant Superintendent Tom Avvakumovits attended the ceremony to celebrate with Josh Maisel, Coordinator of Academic Interventions, and the mentor team – teachers Rachel Perry, Stacey Stebbins, Jessica Uy and Jackie Corso.

March 2018

This month, Trustee Jeff Moe attended the Every Student Succeeding Awards Ceremony hosted by the DeAnza Charter of the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA). This program honors students from the Sunnyvale School District and the Fremont Union High School District who have overcome great personal and academic obstacles and exceeded expectations, along with the educators who have supported them in their individual journeys. Thirteen students were honored, with teachers and counselors providing a description of their accomplishments and the barriers they have overcome. Each story was an inspiration. 

Trustee Moe also attended the Every 15 Minutes program at Homestead High School. The program name comes from the fact that when this program was created, a person was killed, maimed or injured by an alcohol-related traffic collision in the U.S. every 15 minutes.  The purpose of the program is to provide a dramatization and simulation that allows students to reflect upon the decision to drink and drive or to get into a car with someone else who has been drinking.

Trustees Moe and Roy Rocklin also attended the Synopsys Science and Technology Championship at the San Jose Convention Center, one of the most highly regarded regional science fairs in California. Students from FUHSD were well represented at the Synopsys Championship.  

"Not only is participating in the science fair fun, but, research has shown that science fair activities increase student learning in science and in a wide range of 21st century skills such as critical thinking, communication, and collaboration." - Trustee Jeff Moe

February/March 2018

Trustee Jeff Moe offers his congratulations to both the Boys and Girls basketball teams at Lynbrook High School, which both earned berths in the CCS tournament. On February 24, he attended the Girls second-round tournament game against Leland High School. Trustee Moe shared that, "The young Lynbrook team fell behind early in the game, but never gave up. It was a hard-fought and competitive game, but Leland pulled ahead in the end to win. Congratulations on a great season and looking forward to next season."

Trustee Moe also had the pleasure of representing the FUHSD Board at the Bi-Annual Wafu School of Ikebana 48th Anniversary Flower Show dinner celebration on March 3. The Wafu School of Ikebana offers classes through FUHSD Adult Education. It is a relationship that is cherished by all at FUHSD. The dinner was attended by supporters of the school, including Akira Ichioka, Director and Consul, Consulate General of Japan, Liz Ambra, Vice Principal of FUHSD Adult School, and Darcy Paul, Mayor of Cupertino. It was an opportunity to recognize this world-renown program, and to honor the program founder and leader, Fusako Hoyrup. Throughout the weekend, hundreds of art pieces were on display at Quinlan Community Center.

On March 2, Trustee Moe attended the Lunar New Year Luncheon at Dynasty Restaurant, hosted by the Cupertino Chamber Asian American Business Council. Also representing FUHSD was Aram Darmanian, Manager of Bond Operations. The lunch featured good food and lively entertainment, and it was an opportunity to connect with active members of our community. Congratulations to Henry Sang and the Shin Shin Foundation who received “BRIDGE” awards, recognizing individuals and businesses who have continuously fostered the mission of the AABC in promoting, strengthening and enhancing the inter-ethnic business environment in the Cupertino community. 

February 2018

CHS FBLA Meeting

On February 8, 2018, Trustee Jeff Moe attended the weekly FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) meeting at Cupertino High School and gave a presentation about being part of the political world. FBLA is a non-profit educational organization with over 250,000 members across the country preparing students for careers in fields such as business, technology, and law. During his presentation, Trustee Moe shared his experience of being elected to the Board and serving in a largely volunteer capacity, and he compared his experience in politics with other local state representatives who have made politics their career. About 50 students attended, asking great questions and providing a wonderful opportunity to connect directly with students. 

Cupertino State of the City

Board members Barbara Nunes, Hung Wei, Bill Wilson and Jeff Moe attended the Cupertino State of the City Address. This year, the theme was “Why We Thrive - Volunteering as Necessary for Democratic Viability." The meeting was opened by Cupertino Rotary President John Zirelli who provided an overview of the Cupertino Rotary Club. He highlighted the work the club is doing internationally and in the community, and he recognized the members of the club Board of Directors and Cabinet. Next, Cupertino Chamber of Commerce President Andrew Walters described the mission and priorities of the chamber, highlighting chamber events planned for 2018. In addition, Andrew talked about the annual STAR Awards sponsored by the chamber to honor local businesses and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the community. He announced that this year’s recipient of the Citizen of the Year is FUHSD's very own Superintendent Polly Bove! 

The chamber next recognized two public safety officers for special contributions they have made to Cupertino: Deputy Chief Joe Parker of the Santa Clara County Fire Department and Deputy Mark Harvey of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department. The final presentation was from Cupertino Mayor Darcy Paul, who focused on the importance of public service and volunteering to our community and our system of government. He encouraged everyone to give of his or her knowledge and experience.  

Calendar of District & Community Events

Fremont High School Guidance & Student Services Building Grand Opening - Jan. 24

Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce Murphy Awards - Feb. 23