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Meet our Students

Portrait of student Hasti Abbasi


Hasti Abbasi, Cupertino High School, Class of 2023

Hasti will be attending Cal Poly, majoring in Computer Science

"As you embark on the multitude of journeys ahead of you, push yourself to seek discomfort. Embrace every challenge, setback, and barrier you face rather than delaying your happiness for a specific outcome. Do not let anyone make you feel that you are undeserving of the success you have earned.The abundance of opportunities, unwavering support from teachers, and everlasting unity among peers defined my time at Cupertino. Knowing that everyone has a place within an interwoven community of passionate individuals pushed me to strive for success."


Andrew Valdez, LYNCS Post-Secondary Class, Class of 2023

Andrew will be continuing to work in the community

"Be positive. Sometimes things will be different and it may be difficult to adjust, but you got this. Believe in yourself and you can do anything. Just be you. My high school and postsecondary experience was special because of my friends, going to job sites and Friday outings. The teachers and the people I met throughout the years helped me to learn more about myself and what I want in life."


Naomi Nishikawa, Fremont High School, Class of 2023

Naomi will be attending the University of California, Davis, majoring in Cognitive Science

"High school is a time of drastic change, I encourage you to take opportunities to challenge yourself and grow. If you come out the exact same person you entered as, you’re doing it wrong. I know that wherever I go, the experiences I’ve gained and the connections I’ve formed at Fremont will prepare me for success in any setting. I am proud to have done my high school career as a Firebird and wouldn’t have it any other way."

Portrait of Student Daniel Lee


Daniel Lee, Homestead High School, Class of 2023

Daniel will be attending Brown University, majoring in Cognitive Science

"From my fellow passionate ASB officers to driven FBLA officers & members and my resilient soccer teammates to supportive friends and teachers, each person has uniquely shaped me into the person I am today. High school is a time of exploration and discovery of what truly excites you. Be curious and take risks. It’s daunting for sure, but it’s also the best way you can truly grow. Now is the perfect time for you to find what you love to do and do it to the fullest extent possible. Even in the tedious, dull, or difficult parts of the high school experience, take on everything with a positive outlook and most importantly, smile!"

Portrait of student Lucy Barnes


Lucy Barnes, Lynbrook High SChool, Class of 2023

Lucy will be attending Lewis and Clark College, majoring in Sociology and Education

"The relationships I was able to build with different students and teachers have meant so much to me throughout my high school years. That feeling of greeting and catching up with the people as you walk the halls is unmatched! Never allow your expectations of yourself to confine you! The best memories and experiences I had at Lynbrook started with me feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. Embracing discomfort, change and awkwardness allowed me to challenge myself more than I ever could have expected."

Portrait of Rohin Inani


Rohin Inani, Monta Vista High School, Class of 2023

Rohin will be attending Purdue University, majoring in Computer Science

"As a freshman, I felt very pressured to focus on one goal, but I believe that it’s important to develop your personality by keeping an open mindset and diversifying your interests before crafting your own pathway to success. High school was made special by the people around me. Not only were they kind, caring, and helpful, but they helped me learn, develop, and become a better student throughout my four years at Monta Vista. Creating countless memories with my friends, ranging from prom, homecoming skits, and even an international band trip to the United Kingdom, I created once-in-a-lifetime memories that I will never forget."

Portrait of Student Brandon Gessner


Brandon Gessner, Educational Options, Class of 2023

Brandon will be attending De Anza College, studying to become a Physician Assistant

"My high school years were made special by becoming more independent along with all the things I learned along the way. Also, the many opportunities that presented themselves that allowed me to gain more experience in different areas. Be somewhat organized, you should at least have a game plan for weeks when you have a lot of work to do. Don’t forget to rest and relax, it's just as important as the work itself, but don’t only rest, that won’t help you. Do activities that take you out of your comfort zone, it’s always helpful to expand your boundaries when it comes to being comfortable and taking risks."

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