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Meet our Students

CHS Student Ava Simone Thorpe


Ava-Simone Thorpe, Cupertino High School, Class of 2021

Ava-Simone will be attending Howard University, majoring in Healthcare Management

“Immerse yourself in different things during high school. As important as learning and furthering your education is, enjoy the fun times and happiness at school. Take risks and push yourself. My high school years were made special by the love and caring nature of my teachers. They genuinely care for their students and want them to be the best they can possibly be. They pushed me outside of my comfort zone and I will always be grateful for that."

Middle College student Tommy Milutin


Tommy Milutin, Middle College, Class of 2021

Tommy will be attending Boston College, studying English and Social Science

"For me, high school was a grind—not a relief. For me, high school was uncertain—not a given. For students like me, the most taxing challenges are present outside of the classroom—not in it. Thank you Jill Borges for seeing that the exhaustion of the miles ran was nothing compared to the burden I carried when standing still. Thank you Dena Zlotziver for seeing me in the words when I couldn’t find my voice. I’d also like to thank Sean Morrison, Lisa Sheehy, Laura Gonzales and all the other staff who make up the Middle College program."

FHS student Juan Pedraza Arellano


Juan Pedraza Arellano, Fremont High School, Class of 2021

Juan will be attending Harvard University, studying Government

"It’s almost impossible to list all the things that made my time at Fremont great. There are all the incredible teachers and administrators that I met, the friends I made, the trips with my AVID family and the yelling at football games on Friday nights. Try things out. Seriously, there are a lot of things and clubs that I missed out on because I wasn’t sure if I was qualified or good enough for it. Interested in coding but have never tried it out? Join robotics! Want to work on your public speaking skills? Try speech! There are so many clubs and activities you should go to just to try things out for yourself and to meet new people."

HHS student Anna Perronne


Anna Perronne, Homestead High School, Class of 2021

Anna will be attending Stanford University, majoring in Gender Studies and Political Science

"Over the last few years, I’ve developed a lot as a person. My inner growth and heightened comfort and confidence in my identity have made these past years significant. My advice is to use your high school years to explore your identity and discover your interests. Invest in the things you are passionate about; do not be controlled by other people’s expectations. Question the world around you and seize opportunities to get involved, and you will gain confidence and discernment, while clarifying your values. Make sure to take time for your personal well being and never forget to have fun."

LHS student Jash Gada


Jash Gada, Lynbrook High School, Class of 2021

Jash will be attending the University of Southern California, majoring in Biological Sciences

"My advice to incoming freshmen is to be fearless and always seek new opportunities. By embracing this fearlessness, I found myself giving haircuts to the homeless and dissecting hearts in the CardioMed Club. I also never expected to choreograph a dance in high school, but now I will never forget the sensation of standing center stage at Homecoming hearing the crowd’s cheers echo across the quad. Whether you find your calling in arts, business, STEM, or even haircutting, a place like Lynbrook offers a home and family to support you. High school is a time to discover your passions, so step out of your comfort zone, make new friends, explore what’s out there, and be fearless!"

MVHS student Oishee Misra


Oishee Misra, Monta Vista High School, Class of 2021

Oishee will be attending University of California, San Diego, majoring in Economics

"High school was not what I expected. When I first walked into MVHS as a freshman, I was set on preparing to become a doctor and following a goal-oriented, linear four years. I didn’t anticipate joining Speech and Debate, especially considering I was a really shy, introverted kid, nor did I anticipate falling in love with writing and journalism. I also didn’t anticipate forging so many meaningful relationships with teachers and friends, but talking to and getting to know different people – their passions, pet peeves, loves, dislikes and more – has been the most memorable aspect of my high school years."


LYNCS student Tam Duong


Tam Duong, LYNCS Post-secondary Program, Class of 2021

Tam will be joining the Project Search internship program at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital

"My high school and postsecondary years were special because of the friends I made. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends during social outings on Fridays. “I keep in touch with friends who graduated before me and I look forward to staying in touch with many of my classmates after I exit LYNCS. Also, I am happy that I was able to take ESL classes while at LYNCS and that my English skills have improved. I also learned new computer skills in my time at LYNCS. The staff at LYNCS helped me to grow a lot. If I could give any advice, I would say to enjoy your time in high school because you have so much help and support from your teachers. Also, take advantage of work experience opportunities because you can learn so many skills at different job sites."

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