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Meet our Students

Portrait of Marcos Espitia-Alvarez


Marcos Espitia-Alvarez, Cupertino High School, Class of 2022

Marcos will be attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, majoring in Aerospace Engineering

"What makes high school—notably Tino—special is the plethora of opportunities to form bonds with other students, as well as chances to refine who you are as a person; you will carry your interests, values, and habits beyond these four years. As you take advantage of these opportunities, remain grateful for them. Gratitude in both success and failure will lead to more fulfillment during this time."


Jordan Vodonos, Educational Options, Class of 2022

Jordan will be attending Foothill College, studying in the Pre-Nursing Program

"At points in my high school experience, I felt desolate and ready to give up. The weight started to be more manageable when I realized what I was striving for. I knew I wanted to be a nurse and was able to sign up for relevant classes at community college. Educational Options provided me with a space where I could explore my passions and learn for the sake of learning. I will always remember the unique experiences, like the opportunity to help the families of hospitalized patients by cooking for JW House. I’d like to thank my teachers and all the administrators at Educational Options who made my education possible. Ms. Jensen for inspiring me every day of class, Ms. Ratto for making me think differently about the world, and Ms. Kappeler Hurley for being with me every step of the way.”

Portrait of Ria Maheshwari


Ria Maheshwari, Fremont High School, Class of 2022

Ria will be attending Georgetown University, majoring in Political Economy and Mathematics and minoring in Government

"When you first step foot on Fremont’s campus, you can immediately feel a positive wave of emotions. One thing that makes Fremont so special is its people, and I have been lucky to form countless bonds with the people around me – students, teachers, and staff included. To all incoming freshmen, I encourage you to make the most of the next four years. Pursue your passions. Try new things. Find your voice. Stand up for what you believe in. Most importantly, love yourself. Cherish each moment and make as many memories as you can with friends, classmates, teachers, and staff members."

Portrait of Ethan Mahimainathan


Ethan Mahimainathan, Homestead High School, Class of 2022

Ethan will be attending American University, majoring in Economics

"The best advice I could give to anyone, but especially to freshmen, is to bravely explore your unknown; challenge yourself, and remember that the only way to fail is to not learn from your mistakes. One event that particularly stands out has been the Covid pandemic - how in a matter of weeks the world came to a standstill; how we Zoomed for a year; how its restrictions have lingered this year. But also how we adapted and found our way to the present. I will never forget how resilient we all were in the face of this pandemic."


Tamara Trujillo, Lynbrook High School, Class of 2022

Tamara will be attending Parsons School of Design, majoring in Fashion Design

"Don’t be afraid to indulge yourself in new opportunities and break out of your comfort zone for you will never understand what you are capable of until you try it. What made my high school years so special were the friends and memories I made through playing sports at Lynbrook. With endless encouragement from my coaches and teammates, I was given the opportunity to thrive outside my comfort zone and grow not only as an athlete or student, but as a person. Lynbrook athletics has allowed me to strengthen my leadership skills, adversity, and inner strength that I will be able to use going forward."

Portrait of Marvin Wu


Marvin Wu, Monta Vista High School, Class of 2022

Marvin will be attending the University of Rochester, majoring in Clinical and Translational Sciences and Nursing

"To those who are yet to step foot on campus, I hope you branch out and strive to meet new people. It’s so easy to shy away into your comfort zone, but your four years in high school are a time to grow and make mistakes. To those who are yet to step foot on campus, I hope you branch out and strive to meet new people. It’s so easy to shy away into your comfort zone, but your four years in high school are a time to grow and make mistakes."


Carly Friesen, BRIDGES Post-Secondary Program, Class of 2022

"Be ready to learn, grow and have fun! I love the staff and students at BRIDGES and I like to make CARDS and help sell them at our boutiques. I want to thank all the staff for everything they have done. After BRIDGES, I want to continue to learn new things and make new friends."

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