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UC System

University of California (UC)

The University draws students from all over California and all over the world. Its campuses are the most competitive in the state, and students — more than 90 percent of whom come from California — join the UC community with a wide range of talents and interests. The nine campuses that accept freshmen and transfer students are as follows:

UC Berkeley

Berkeley, Ca 94720

(510) 642-6000


UC Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA 90095

(310) 825-4321


UC San Diego

9500 Gilman Drive

La Jolla, CA 92093

(858) 534-2230


UC Davis

One Shields Avenue

Davis, CA 95616

(530) 752-1011

UC Merced

5200 N. Lake Road

Merced, CA 95343

(209) 724-4400


UC Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA 93106

(805) 893-8000


UC Irvine

Irvine, CA 92697

(949) 824-5011


UC Riverside

Riverside, CA 92521

(951) 827-1012


UC Santa Cruz

1156 High Street

Santa Cruz, CA 95064

(831) 459-0111




Admission to the University of California is a two-step process:

Eligibility: To be eligible, students must meet the minimum requirements the University has established to ensure incoming students are prepared for university-level work.

Selection: When campuses receive applications from more eligible students than they can admit, as is most often the case, they use factors that go beyond the minimum admission requirements to select students. This process is called comprehensive review.

To be eligible, you must earn a high school diploma or equivalency and satisfy the three requirements no later than your high school graduation for minimum eligibility:

1.  Subject Requirement (A-G Courses)


To satisfy this requirement, you must complete the 15 yearlong high school courses listed below. These courses are also known as the "a-g" subjects. At least seven of the 15 yearlong courses must be taken in your last two years of high school. The courses you take to fulfill the Subject Requirement must be certified by the University as meeting the requirement and must be included on your school's UC-certified course list.

Required "A-G" Courses

a l History/Social Science – 2 years required


b l English – 4 years required


c l Mathematics – 3 years required, 4 years recommended


d l Laboratory Science – 2 years required, 3 years recommended


e l Language Other than English – 2 years required, 3 years recommended


f l Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) – 1 year required


g l College-Preparatory Electives – 1 year required



2. Examination Requirement

All applicants must submit scores from the following tests:

·         The ACT Assessment plus Writing or the SAT Reasoning Test. The critical reading, writing and mathematics scores on the SAT must be from the same sitting. If you take the ACT, you will be asked to report your scores on each section of the test as well as your composite score.

·         Two SAT Subject Tests.
These must be in two different areas, chosen from the following: English, history and social studies, mathematics (Level 2 only), science or language other than English.

3. Scholarship Requirement

The Scholarship Requirement defines the grade point average (GPA) you must earn in the "a-g" subjects and the test scores you must achieve to be eligible for admission to UC. The University uses an Eligibility Index , a combination of GPA and test scores,to determine if you meet this requirement. The minimum GPA is 3.0 for California residents, 3.4 for nonresidents.

Form to Calculate Preliminary Freshman Eligibility

Because most campuses receive applications from more eligible students than they have space for, meeting the minimum requirements for any of these paths may not be enough to gain admission to the campus of your choice. There may be different degree programs at several UC campuses that can help you reach career goals; knowing what they are will give you more options when you apply. Students who research and apply to several campuses are more likely to be admitted to a campus they know they want to attend.

Using a process called comprehensive review, admissions officers look beyond the required test scores and grades to evaluate applicants' academic achievements in light of the opportunities available to them and the capacity each student demonstrates to contribute to the intellectual life of the campus. Because the applicant pool is different every year, the level of academic performance necessary will vary.

For more information on the comprehensive review, click HERE.


Freshman Eligibility Changes Coming in 2012

Effective for the fall 2012 entering class, UC's freshman admission requirements are changing. The UC Board of Regents adopted the new policy in February 2009 to give more high-achieving students the chance to apply to the university and receive a full review of their applications.

Please visit the following site for more information.

Freshman Admission Requirements for Fall 2012


How to Apply

Applications are available starting October 1.  They must be completed and turned into the UC system by November 30.  The UC prefers that all applications be done online.

To apply to the UC schools, you can visit the following site:

General Catalogs Available for UC Schools

The UCOP Office of Undergraduate Admissions has collected in one spot a list of URLs that offer online access to UC campus course catalogs.

Please visit the following site for more information.


Campus Catalogs