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Google Apps for Education

Why we chose Google Apps for Education

Fremont Union High School District has implemented Google Apps for Education, for all students and staff as a platform to support reading, writing and collaboration and help prepare students for life in the 21st century.  FUHSD’s Google Apps for Education will provide many benefits for students and teachers enabling them to easily communicate, collaborate and manage their time. 

FUHSD provided Google Apps for Education primarily:

  • to provide the students with access and experience using technology applications designed for collaboration with other students and teachers; 

  • to break down the digital barrier between home and school by enabling students to work on their documents both at school and at home - anytime and anywhere, from an Internet connected device; 

  • to enhance the reading and writing process by more closely aligning their classroom experience to real-world writing experience by using the same tools

  • to help students work collaboratively, engage in peer-editing of documents, facilitate using academic language, and publish for an audience beyond their immediate classroom; 

  • to facilitate “paperless” exchanges of work between students and teachers. 


Students can now access and work on all school-related work from a secured cloud environment anywhere they are. 

Google Apps for Education includes tools that allow students to create and share documents, presentations, web pages, calendars, and e-mail.  In addition, the district has added over 1500 Chromebook computers for student use in classrooms, which integrate tightly with Google Apps for Education.  All of these initiatives support FUHSD’s core belief in providing rich learning opportunities for all students, and Google Apps for Education is one such tool to help reach that goal.


Will my child's privacy be at risk?

While online spaces can never guarantee 100% privacy, Google Apps for Education are in a "controlled environment" where teachers can see student work.  Mail can be searched school personnel can access electronic communications if it becomes necessary to retrieve student emails. Furthermore, student responsible use of technology (see: is part of teacher and student learning at FUHSD and reinforced by teachers working with students using online tools.

In addition, Google Apps for Education is different than Google’s regular products and are ad-free, data is owned by the user, not Google,  and is protected under Google’s privacy policy, and extra security features are always being introduced.  You can read more about Google’s security and privacy for Google Apps for Education here: 

Our goal is to provide students with a safe environment for learning, and help them to navigate the complex digital environment around them in a safer way.


How do students and staff access FUHSD’s Google Apps Domain?

All students and staff can login using their FUHSD ID and password from FUHSD’s Google Apps Login Page or from any Google login page using their full FUHSD email address.   Students will be given this information by school staff at the beginning of the year.  Staff and students can change their password by logging into a school Windows computer and changing that password.  



Parents: if you have questions or concerns, you can either contact your school directly or contact the district directly
Students: please contact your teacher or school technology team for help
Teachers: please contact your school technology team