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EL Authorizations

English Leaner Authorization Requirement

The Board of Trustees has approved a new Board Policy requiring all teachers to possess a credential, authorization, or other document issued by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing that authorizes instruction to English Language Learners by July 1, 2009.

This action was taken in order to achieve compliance with legal requirements and to ensure the District is providing proper instruction to English Language Learners. The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) and the California Department of Education clarified this requirement when they issued a joint correspondence following the settlements of Williams, et al, v. State of California, et al., explaining that:

There is no numerical trigger and no percentage of students needing particular English learner services that determines a miss-assignment. If one or more of the students in a class needs English learner services or requires instruction in a subject area, the teacher providing the English learner services must hold and appropriate English learner credential or authorization.

Therefore, the Human Resources Department must now begin the process of verifying EL Authorization/Certification status of every teacher in the district. Our first step was sending individual letters to all teachers stating if we had any type of EL Authorization/Certification on file and outlining what options are available to those without such authorization. Our hope is that some teachers may already have this authorization but have not yet provided a record of it to Human Resources. Please do not e-mail or call HR about your EL Authorization Status until after you have received your letter.

Unfortunately, many of our current teachers do not yet have an EL Authorization and therefore will be required to obtain one in the next two years. The district will continue to pay a one time stipend of $1,390 for everyone that earns a CLAD/EL certification. For those without EL authorization, I provided some background information on EL authorizations, programs available to earn an authorization and connect you to some available resources for further investigation. If, after reading the information provided below, you have additional questions, please contact Tom Avvakumovits .


Most people know of the CLAD, which is the most common type of authorization, but there are others that some of you may already possess. The following is a list of acceptable EL Authorizations: 2042 Credential (embedded)
Beginning in July of 2002 most people earning a teaching credential, were issued a 2042 Single Subject Credential. This credential replaced the Ryan Single Subject Credential. The 2042 credential includes EL Authorization and states this on the credential. Because EL Authorization is embedded in the credential, no additional credential/certificate is needed to be EL authorized.

CLAD (Cross cultural Language and Academic Development)
This is the most common authorization and can be earned in two ways: completion of CLAD coursework or passing of the CTEL test (formerly known as the CLAD Exam).

Emergency CLAD
This is a one-year one-time emergency credential that requires nothing other than completing the form and paying the CCTC.

BCLAD (Bilingual Cross cultural Language and Academic Development)
Similar to the CLAD but authorizes Bilingual education as well EL.

SB 1969/SB 395/AB 2913 Certificate of Staff Development
This authorization has changed names several times but is only available until December of 2007 at which time it will not longer be issued. This authorization is only available to people that have been fully credentialed and had permanent status in a California public school as of January 1, 1999.

LDS (Language Development Specialist)
This certificate preceded the CLAD and his held by many teachers. It required extra coursework that was sometimes taken while earning a credential or as a staff development option in some districts. This certificate is still valid but is no longer issued.

BCC (Bilingual Certificate of Competence)
This is the predecessor of the BCLAD. This was a coursework option for teachers seeking authorization to teach Bilingual education.

ESL (English as a Second Language) Supplemental Authorization

This is a supplemental authorization that is still available in California and can be earned through exam or coursework.


As mentioned above, there are two basic ways to earn a CLAD: pass the CTEL exam or take the CLAD coursework.

CTEL Exam/Prep Courses
The CTEL exam is offered twice a year (December 6, 2008 and June 13, 2009) at various locations in the county. Though this test can be taken without coursework preparation, most people taking the exam first take a CTEL prep course. The CTEL exam and the prep coursework consist of 3 parts/domains: Domain 1 - Language Structure and language development, Domain 2 - Methodology of bilingual instruction, instruction for language development and SDAIE delivered in English, Domain 3 - Culture and Cultural Diversity. These courses are offered by various universities, County Offices of Education, and other institutions.These courses range from 40-60 hours of coursework.The coursework involves strategies/methodologies to improve classroom practice as well as test taking strategies. Passing all parts of the CTEL exam qualifies you for a CLAD credential.

CLAD Coursework
A series of courses covering the following 4 areas: 1-Cultural Diversity in the Classroom, 2-Applied Methods, Materials and Structural Issues, 3-English Language Development and 4-Specially Designed Academic Instruction. These courses are available at most universities, County Office of Education and Extension programs (UC Extensions). These courses range from 80-120 hours of coursework. Starting in January of 2008, the coursework option will be known as CTEL coursework and will no longer be called CLAD coursework. Because of this, the state is re-certifying all CLAD coursework programs to insure they meet the most current CTEL standards. Therefore, if you are choosing this option, be sure to complete it before Jan. of 2008 or check with the institution offering the courses to see if they have been accredited for CTEL standards that take affect in Jan. of 2008. Certificate of Staff Development (SB 1969/SB 395/AB 2913)
This series of classes are still offered by some local County Offices of Education, including the Santa Clara County Office of Ed., but will not be offered much longer due to the elimination of this authorization on Jan. 1, 2008.


There are many different programs available for both the CLAD coursework and the CTEL prep classes, including on-line courses, county office programs, university classes and UC extension programs. The cost varies greatly but usually falls in the $1,200 to $3,000 range. CLAD coursework programs tend to be more expensive than CTEL test prep programs. The cost of the CTEL exams is approximately $294, which includes a $38 Program Management Fee and $82 for Part 1, $92 for Part 2 and $82 for Part 3.

Stanford University CLAD Coursework - Online course

University of San Diego CLAD Coursework - Online course

Santa Clara County Office of Education - CTEL Prep classes and Certificate of Staff Development classes

UC Santa Cruz Extension CLAD Coursework  UCSC Extension CLAD Coursework

UC Berkley Extension

CTEL Study Guides - Free

Alameda County Office of Education - CTEL prep classes, CLAD coursework and Certificate of Staff Development classes -scroll down near the bottom and look for CLAD and CTEL sections.


Below are links to other resources that may be useful to those looking for additional information:

CTEL Homepage -
California Dept. of Ed. FAQ on EL requirements -
California Commission on Teaching Credentials Teaching English Learners page -
California Commission on Teaching Credentials leaflet on EL certification

Thank you and I look forward to working with you to ensure that all of our teachers are appropriately EL Authorized by July 1, 2009

Tom Avvakumovits
Coordinator of Human Resources
Fremont Union High School District
Office: (408)522-2228 Fax: (408)245-8548
589 W. Fremont Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94087