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If you have questions or need additional information, please contact:

Tamara Emmert
Guidance Counselor


Alison Coy
Director of
Educational Options

Forms & Files

Concurrent Enrollment


Offered by Fremont Union High School District in
collaboration with De Anza College.

De Anza College is the closest community college to FUHSD and the majority of FUHSD students who wish to participate in concurrent enrollment choose to do so with De Anza.  For this reason, the information listed on this site is specific only to De Anza College and can also be found on the De Anza College website at

However, FUHSD students may attempt to participate in concurrent enrollment with any of the local community colleges; please see those community college websites for details.

Only junior and senior grade-level (11th or 12th grade) students are eligible to take classes at De Anza College; age does not matter. 


De Anza classes are intended for enrichment purposes only (for college credit only) and will NOT appear on the high school transcript unless it is needed to satisfy a FUHSD graduation requirement and a FUHSD Request for Credit from Outside Educational Institutions form (it is located to the left in the Forms & Files section) is completed at the high school PRIOR to taking a De Anza course.

However, De Anza classes will appear on the student's De Anza transcript and the student may access it through their student account in the My Portal ( link.

Putting De Anza classes on the high school transcript is not always in the student's best interest; talk to a FUHSD Guidance Counselor if this is a concern.

See Help Pages in the Forms and Files section to the left for additional assistance:

  1. De Anza courses to satisfy FUHSD graduation requirements
  2. De Anza Math & English course sequences
  3. De Anza Physics & Chemistry course sequences
  4. De Anza transferable courses
  5. De Anza & FUHSD course equivalents
  6. De Anza course Pre-Requisites
  7. De Anza Placement Tests
  8. De Anza Advanced Placement (AP) Policy
  9. How to Register for a De Anza course

If you need assistance finding anything on the De Anza campus, please click here for the De Anza Map.


The FUHSD/De Anza Concurrent Enrollment Process in 7 steps:

STEP 1: Selection of Courses

  • Check the De Anza website for quarter dates and course availability.
  • Please note that De Anza will only post online the class schedules for the current quarter and the next quarter, so you may need to wait before you have access to the correct class schedule.

STEP 2: Apply to De Anza College

  • Submit your application online for the specific quarter you would like to attend; high school students MUST apply each quarter, unless they are currently enrolled - no stoppages. That is, you take a class in the Summer quarter. No online application is required if then taking a class in the Fall because it is the next quarter. However, if you take a class in the Summer quarter and the next quarter you want to take a class is NOT the Fall quarter (Winter or Spring) then YES, you MUST re-apply.  You will get the same De Anza ID#.  
  • Go to
  • Select the arrow for 1) APPLY FOR ADMISSION
  • Select the link that says "online application"
  • It will then take you to the CCCApply site  ( and follow the instructions for "Create an Account" if you have not previously applied to De Anza College.
  • After completing the application and within a few days, De Anza will contact you through email with your 8-digit De Anza student ID number.

STEP 3: High School Concurrent Enrollment Forms

  • Go to
  • Select the link that says "Permit to Enroll" to download the forms. You need all of the three (3) pages that will print.
  • You may enroll in up to 11 units during the school year and only 6 units in the summer.
  • Courses need to be vocational, enrichment, or courses unavailable at your high school.
  • High School students may NOT take ESL, Skills, Guidance, Basic Skills, Real Estate, Paralegal, Massage Therapy, and any courses numbered in the 200's or nondegree application courses.
  • List all classes that you are interested in taking, including alternate courses — you will only be able to try to register for courses that are listed on the High School Concurrent Enrollment Form.
  • List your 8-digit De Anza student ID number, NOT your Social Security Number (SSN) or high school ID number.
  • Get your assistant principal or the principal and your parents to sign the High School Concurrent Enrollment Forms.
  • Submit your completed High School Concurrent Enrollment Forms to the De Anza Admissions and Records Office located in the Student & Community Services Building on the first floor UNLESS Mrs. Emmert will be at your site - see the right for dates.
  • Please note that you must complete Step 2: Apply to De Anza College BEFORE De Anza will process the High School Concurrent Enrollment Forms.
  • You will be able to register for your class on the first designated day for high school student registration — check for the date at:
  • Once the completed High School Concurrent Enrollment Forms are processed (it can take a few days), you will be assigned a registration date & time — it will be the first designated day for high school student registration. You can check your registration date and get other information when you log in a My Portal ( .

STEP 4: Placement Testing

  • If you are interested in taking an English, math, biology, chemistry or physics course, you are required to take a placement test prior to registering.
  • Read the Course Description for the desired class to see if a placement test is needed; find on either the Class Schedule or Catalog
  • Go to
  • Select the arrow for 3) TAKE PLACEMENT TESTS
  • Select the link that says "Assessment Center"
  • You need to book an appointment for placement testing through the above link or in person at the De Anza Assessment Center in the Student and Community Services building.
  • You must have your 8-digit De Anza student ID number BEFORE you may book an appointment or take a test - see Step 2.
  • Scores from AP exams may allow you to avoid testing - see the Assessment site above for information. You will need to provide your AP score and a completed Pre-Requisite Clearance form to the De Anza Assessment Center at in order to have a placement test waived.

STEP 5: Registering for Classes

STEP 6: Payment for Classes

  • After completing your class registration, you have five (5) days to pay for your classes — failure to do so may result in being dropped from your classes.
  • The cost per quarter is $49.00 for ANYONE taking a class at De Anza College (including high school students; subject to change without notice). This fee does not include books, instructional materials fees or parking.
  • Non-residents may be subject to De Anza out-of-state fees and some international students may not be eligible to take classes, depending upon visa status — please see this website for more information:
  • Payment may be made online through your De Anza student account at My Portal ( or in person at the Cashier's window in the Student and Community Services Building ( De Anza Map).

STEP 7: Extra Information for high school students attending De Anza College

  • Your records are confidential and protected by the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and are not available to your parents without a written release from you, the student.
  • All courses will appear on your permanent record (your De Anza transcript) and must be reported to any other college or university to which you apply.
  • It is your responsibility to drop a class when needed; do not assume it will be done automatically; failure to personally drop a class may result in earning an F in the course and will appear on your permanent record.
  • If you are requesting high school credit for the course, you must receive pre-approval from the principal or administrative designee; you must complete the FUHSD Request for Credit from Outside Educational Institutions form prior to enrolling in the course in order to request pre-approval.
  • If you need a De Anza transcript, you can order official transcripts or free, unofficial transcripts through your De Anza student account at My Portal ( .
  • Be sure you are aware of the Student Code of Conduct at De Anza College

Need More Information?

At the following FUHSD high school sites on the days of the week listed below, Tamara Emmert, a FUHSD guidance counselor, will be available to assist students with concurrent enrollment questions AND pick up any signed & correctly completed High School Permission forms for De Anza College ONLY

She will then personally deliver the High School Permission forms to the De Anza Admissions Department and email the students that this has occurred.

  • Mondays during tutorial in the MVHS College/Career Center at Monta Vista High
  • Tuesdays during Flex Time in the FHS guidance area of the main office at Fremont High
  • Wednesdays during tutorial in the CHS College/Career Center at Cupertino High
  • Thursdays during tutorial in the HHS College/Career Center at Homestead High

The above days are subject to the following availability, excluding holidays, FUHSD finals week & vacation days according to the De Anza College calendar:

  • no site visits for the Fall quarter (September-December)
  • 1st week in November -  2nd week in December for the Winter quarter (January-March)
  • week after the February FUHSD Winter Break - 2nd week in March for the Spring quarter (April-June)
  • week after the April FUHSD Spring Break - week before FUHSD finals for the Summer quarter (July-August)

FUHSD students may turn in their correctly completed HS Permission forms once their parent or guardian has signed it, in order to get the last signature - the FUHSD administrator or designee :

  • Cupertino - Ms. Gonzalez in the CHS main office
  • Fremont - Ms. Moreno in the FHS guidance area of the main office
  • Homestead - Ms. Martinez in the HHS main office
  • Monta Vista - your guidance counselor in the MVHS main office