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College & Career Home Page

Welcome to the FUHSD College and Career Planning Website. Use the various links to help you and your student begin planning for college and beyond. If you have any questions about the material on these pages, please see your student's guidance counselor or visit your school's College and Career Center.

FUHSD Graduation Requirements

English   40
World History   10
US History   10
Economics     5
US Government     5
Mathematics   20
Physical Education   20
Science   20
Modern Language*   10
Applied Arts*


Fine Arts*   10
Electives   60

Total Units


*Two of the three areas are required for graduation

California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE)


The CAHSEE is a pass/fail test consisting of two parts – English Language Arts and Mathematics. The English section covers California’s content standards through 10th grade in a multiple-choice format with one essay. The math section, completely multiple-choice, covers math standards through 6th and 7th grade and Algebra 1. Students must pass both sections of the exam in order to graduate. The first time it is given to students is the spring of the sophomore year.  If they do not pass the test, they have the chance to take it again the junior year. If students pass one section of the test, they do not take that section again. The test is untimed and is administered over two days.

On August 26, 2015, Governor Brown signed SB 725 into law. This law suspends the CAHSEE as a requirement for a high school diploma for students in the Class of 2015.

For additional information about the CAHSEE go to the California Department of Education's CAHSEE website.

District Course Selection Guide

 The District Course Selection Guide provides valuable information on the following:

  • Course Descriptions by Department
  • College Admissions Testing
  • Guidance and Planning
  • Educational Options

The courses listed are the approved courses for the entire district, but not all courses are offered at every school.  Please contact the individual school for a list of courses offered at that school. 


Contact your guidance counselor:


Required Courses for College

To see which classes you need to take for high school graduation and for college eligibility, click HERE.

Concurrent Enrollment

For information about taking classes at De Anza, click HERE.

For information about which De Anza courses may qualify for UC a-g eligibility, see De Anza's UC course list.

GPA Calculator

FUHSD uses an unweighted GPA on all transcipts. If you want to figure out how to calculate your weighted GPA, click HERE for a GPA calculator. Please note that not all colleges calculate your GPA the same way. Read the College Systems section for more information.

FUHSD College Fair--New Location!


The FUHSD College Fair will be held at Cupertino High School on September 8, 2016 from 6:00pm-8:00pm. See your school's College and Career Center for more information.