Board Communication Corner

February 2018 - Trustees Jeff Moe and Bill Wilson

CHS FBLA Meeting
On February 8, 2018, Trustee Jeff Moe attended the weekly FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) meeting at Cupertino High School and gave a presentation about being part of the political world. FBLA is a non-profit educational organization with over 250,000 members across the country preparing students for careers in fields such as business, technology, and law. 
During his presentation, Trustee Moe shared his experience of being elected to the Board and serving in a largely volunteer capacity, and he compared his experience in politics with other local state representatives who have made politics their career. About 50 students attended, asking great questions and providing a wonderful opportunity to connect directly with students. 

Cupertino State of the City
Board members Barbara Nunes, Hung Wei, Bill Wilson and Jeff Moe attended the Cupertino State of the City Address. This year, the theme was “Why We Thrive - Volunteering as Necessary for Democratic Viability." 
The meeting was opened by Cupertino Rotary President John Zirelli who provided an overview of the Cupertino Rotary Club. He highlighted the work the club is doing internationally and in the community, and he recognized the members of the club Board of Directors and Cabinet. Next, Cupertino Chamber of Commerce President Andrew Walters described the mission and priorities of the chamber, highlighting chamber events planned for 2018. In addition, Andrew talked about the annual STAR Awards sponsored by the chamber to honor local businesses and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the community. He announced that this year’s recipient of the Citizen of the Year is FUHSD's very own Superintendent Polly Bove! The chamber next recognized two public safety officers for special contributions they have made to Cupertino: Deputy Chief Joe Parker of the Santa Clara County Fire Department and Deputy Mark Harvey of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department. The final presentation was from Cupertino Mayor Darcy Paul, who focused on the importance of public service and volunteering to our community and our system of government. He encouraged everyone to give of his or her knowledge and experience.  

Trustees Jeff Moe, Bill Wilson, Hung Wei and Barbara Nunes at the Cupertino State of the City

January 2018 - Trustee Jeff Moe

This month, Trustee Jeff Moe attended a special event entitled The Girls & Guys Guide to Staying Safe in College at Homestead High School, which was sponsored by the PTSA. Speaker Kathleen Baty, a personal safety expert, shared some of her own personal experiences and provided advice in the areas of personal property safety, binge drinking, sexual assault and social media safety. 

Trustee Moe also attend a presentation at Fremont High School entitled A Healthy Mind: A Discussion with Parents on Teen Mental Health. This event was a part of the continuing partnership between Fremont Union High School District and El Camino Hospital. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness and educate the community, particularly parents, on this important topic. The presentation focused on the signs and symptoms of mental health conditions, suicide prevention education, opportunities to communicate in a healthy way with teens and insights on how your primary care doctor can support families. Presentations were given by Dr. Glenn Teeter and Dr. Kelly Troiano from El Camino Hospital. After the presentations, there was an opportunity for parents to ask questions. 

"I was impressed how El Camino Hospital, through their pediatricians, focus not only on physical health, but also emotional health. They are another excellent resource for both parents and students when questions of emotional health arise." - Jeff Moe, Trustee

November/December 2017 - Jeff Moe, Trustee

On November 27, Trustee Jeff Moe attended a talk by Dr. Jean Twenge, hosted by the Monta Vista PTSA. Dr. Twenge talked about generational shifts between four generations: iGen (1994 to present), Millennials (1980 to 1993), GenX (1965-1980) and Baby Boomers (1945-1964). Most of the discussion centered on iGen, focusing especially on the dramatic change in behavior since 2011, the point at which smart phones became popular.

Here are some characteristics of iGen:

  • They spend a large amount of time texting, online and using social media;
  • Their smart phone use has reduced the amount of sleep they get;
  • Slower to mature than older generations;
  • More time on social media versus face time and sleep; and
  • Higher incidence of mental health issues, as screens are linked to stress, depression and other mental health issues.

iGen members are more protected than earlier generations and less independent. They exhibit less "adult behavior" than older generations at their age, such as getting their driver’s licenses and going out without family. As a result, they are less independent and have less confidence after high school. The optimal amount of screen time is just one hour per day, but up to two hours per day is considered okay. The best stress reducers for iGen include sports and exercise, face-to-face interaction, sleep, sunshine and omega-3 fatty acids.

Trustee Moe also attended the Homestead High School Holiday Orchestra Concert on Dec. 6, which featured fantastic musical performances, and the District Office and Adult Education Potluck Holiday Luncheon on Dec. 8, with entertainment provided by the Monta Vista High School choir. 

October 2017

This month, Trustee Jeff Moe attended a special presentation sponsored by the Santa Clara County School Boards Association (SCCSBA) on equity in education. Ryan Smith, Executive Director of The Education Trust-West, spoke to the group and shared some data which reinforced just how important attaining a high school diploma and higher education is for all students. Mr. Smith shared that 68% of African American men that do not graduate from high school will spend some time in jail, while almost no African American men that earn bachelor's degrees spend any time in jail. Mr. Smith also discussed unconscious bias and the role it plays in our education system, leading some educators to have lower expectations for specific groups of students. 

Trustees Roy Rocklin and Jeff Moe attended a meeting with FUHSD leadership and leaders from a high school in Hsinchu, Taiwan, as part of the Sister City Exchange Program. 

Trustee Moe and Superintendent Polly Bove attended the annual Kings Academy Football game on October 6 honoring Sunnyvale High School and each of its graduating classes. The Kings Academy football team wore special replica Sunnyvale HS blue football jerseys for the game. The event was well attended by Sunnyvale High School alumni, some traveling from across the country.

Superintendent Polly Bove, FUHSD Director of Facilities Eric Walukiewicz, former Assemblymember and Sunnyvale High School alum Paul Fong and Trustee Jeff Moe at the Kings Academy football game

Board members Hung Wei and Jeff Moe attended the annual Double-Tenth Celebration in San Jose. This celebration commemorates the 106th anniversary of Wuchang Uprising, which led to the decline of imperial rule and the birth of the modern Chinese republic. Community leaders and elected officials throughout the South Bay participated. 
Board members Bill Wilson and Jeff Moe, Superintendent Polly Bove and Assistant Superintendent Tom Avvakumovitz met with City of Sunnyvale Council member Nancy Smith and acting Sunnyvale City Manager Teri Silva to discuss topics of mutual interest. City of Sunnyvale Transportation and Traffic Manager, Shahid Abbas, spoke about the Safe Routes to School program. He shared how in the past years the City of Sunnyvale has invested $8 million on Safe Routes to school, focusing on bike and pedestrian routes. The primary focus has been with the elementary schools, although Shahib shared that the City is interested in supporting safe routes to school for High School students in Sunnyvale as well. The next steps include the development of protected bike lanes and signal upgrades. He encouraged parents and school administrators to contact him if they have any suggestions for safe routes to school. The group also discussed creative housing alternatives for teachers, construction projects at FUHSD and a possible partnership with the City of Sunnyvale, FUHSD, Foothill College and the University of California – Santa Cruz to establish a new and innovative college and career pathway for students in Sunnyvale and beyond.

September 2017

This month, Trustees Roy Rocklin and Jeff Moe, as well as Associate Superintendent Graham Clark,attended the Annual Builders BBQ hosted by the Santa Clara and San Benito County Building and Construction Trades Council. The Trustees were happy to support this inspiring event where labor, general contractors, sub-contractors and home builders get together to raise funds for charitable projects in our community. 

Trustees Jeff Moe and Bill Wilson, along with Superintendent Polly Bove, attended the quarterly meeting with representatives from the City of Cupertino, De Anza College and Cupertino Union School District. Jeff Milkes gave a report on Cupertino Recreation and Community Services plans and activities. Currently, every Cupertino resident is within a 10-minute walk to a city park. Also, Cupertino offers 3.6 acres of park space for every 1000 residents. Other topics discussed included ways to share our facilities to optimize the benefits for the community and to provide safe routes to school, which benefits both students and residents by reducing traffic. The city has budgeted $6 million to support safe biking and walking to school. 

Trustee Jeff Moe and Superintendent Polly Bove attended the Bay Area Diwali Festival in Cupertino’s Memorial Park. Diwali is a traditional Indian festival of thanksgiving; it celebrates the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, hope over despair, and good over evil. It was a festive event and a great place to meet with other elected officials and community leadership.
Superintendent Polly Bove, Trustee Jeff Moe and CUSD Trustee Soma McCandless at the Diwali Festival

September 2017 - Jeff Moe, Board President

This month, Board President Jeff Moe attended the very successful Back to School Night at Homestead High School, the quarterly Citizens Oversight Committee on the bond program, the annual Silicon Valley Fall Festival Student Art Exhibit, the City of Cupertino Housing Speaker Panel and the 35th Annual Fremont High School Watermelon Run, where he took home the top prize in the Board of Trustees category for the fourth year in a row!

"Homestead's Back to School Night began with a delicious baked potato bar, a fundraiser for the boosters. I also sat in on a few classroom presentations. First was Ms. Shreve, who is teaching Physics Honors. Her enthusiasm for the subject was contagious. After listening to her hands-on approach to teaching, I wished that I could attend her class. She demonstrated how she uses the “Plickers” application, a cutting-edge tool for real-time learning assessment. Next, I attended an Algebra 2 class taught by Ms. Vakili, who demonstrated warmth, approachability, and determination to ensure that all students succeed." - Jeff Moe, Board President

August 2017 - Jeff Moe, Board President

Earlier this month, Board President Jeff Moe met with San Jose City Councilmember Chappie Jones, who represents West San Jose and the Lynbrook High School attendance area.  The purpose of the meeting was to explore how the District and Council Office can work together to better serve our community. The discussion ranged from ways to engage the community to making our schools safe and welcoming for all students.

President Moe also had the opportunity to tour Phoenix Apparel, the Fremont High School student-run apparel business with FHS teachers Daniel McCune and Leo Flores. Under their leadership the business is growing, increasing the opportunity for students to gain real-world practical learning experiences.

Board President Jeff Moe with Fremont High School staff Daniel McCune and Leo Flores

July 2017 - Bill Wilson, Trustee

"I had the opportunity, along with several other board members, to attend the graduation ceremony for the Middle College program that FUHSD provides in conjunction with De Anza College. The program provides an alternative for students looking for an opportunity to take a combination of courses taught by FUHSD teachers and regular De Anza classes. While they are in the program, many students still participate in activities at their home high school site. It was wonderful to see the camaraderie among the graduates and hear from the outstanding student speakers. It is clear that these students are well prepared for success as they move on to the next step in their education and careers." - Bill Wilson, Trustee

June/July 2017 - Jeff Moe, Board President

This summer, Board President Moe attended the Adult School Graduation, the Middle College Graduation at De Anza College and the Opening Ceremony of the 33rd Annual Taiwanese and Chinese American Athletic Tournament at Cupertino High School. President Moe and Trustee Bill Wilson also attended a meeting with Sunnyvale City Council Member Nancy Smith and Sunnyvale Assistant City Manager Walter Rossman to discuss several topics of mutual interest, including the building plans for both Fremont and Homestead high schools, Safe Routes to School, student service initiatives and civics education. 

"Congratulations to Adult School Principal Peggy Raun-Linde and her staff, as well as the 45 graduates who were celebrated at the Adult School Graduation Ceremony, marking the end of another successful school year. The hard work and perseverance of this group of students is inspiring to all." - Jeff Moe, Board President

Board President Jeff Moe and Trustee Hung Wei at the 33rd Annual Taiwanese and Chinese American Athletic Tournament

June 2017 - Jeff Moe, Board President

In June, Board President Jeff Moe attended an FUHSD Alumni Dinner hosted by FUHS Foundation members, a meeting with Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese to explore the possibility of FUHSD utilizing the county's School Linked Services program and the Lynbrook High School graduation ceremony. 

Board President Moe also participated in a video conference with staff from the Wake County School District in North Carolina in order to exchange information about initiatives that have had a positive effect in our respective school districts. FUHSD shared information about several of our professional development programs, including Skillful Teacher and Courageous Leaders, while the team from Wake County presented on their Teacher Leader Corp initiative, Instructional Blueprint and three-year Professional Development Plan.

"FUHSD is a wonderfully successful school district. Even so, we cannot rest on our laurels. Like any organization, we either continue to improve or we stagnate. One way to seek improvement is by learning from other school districts. We already have access to information on local school districts, so why not reach out to a school district that is different than us, both in size and geography, and exchange ideas, successes and struggles." - Jeff Moe, Board President

May 2016 - Hung Wei, Trustee

In May, Trustee Hung Wei attended the first annual GOALS Program Recognition Lunch at Fremont High School, the annual Art Showcase at the District Office, the Cupertino-Fremont-Sunnyvale Council PTA Honorary Service Award Dinner, CSEA Recognition Dinner, AVID Senior Recognition, Cupertino Chamber of Commerce STAR Awards, Exploring Equity Showcase, meeting with the Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus in Silicon Valley and the Spring Jazz Concert at Homestead High School. 

"At Fremont High School, AVID seniors were recognized by their teachers and peers in a heart-warming event that brought tears to many!  The graduates thanked their AVID teachers for their tireless and never-give-up guidance over the four years of their high school lives, some of which were filled with many challenges. Emotions ran high when the teachers spoke with tears to their graduating students and as the seniors circled around their teachers with a group embrace. Most of these students are going to college because of the four years of AVID class (Advancement Via Individual Determination) – and many are the first in the family to attend college.  VID gave them the training, inspiration and hope that they needed in order to reach for college and beyond. Every year, I look forward to attending the AVID Senior Recognition to hear the heart-felt journeys of the AVID students and their teachers, who travel together with the goal of attaining higher education and success after high school. This always reminds me of the important work a school board member needs to strive for – to provide the best opportunities for teens to learn, grow and aim high, especially for under-privileged students." - Hung Wei, Trustee

May 2017 - Jeff Moe, Board President

This month, Board President Jeff Moe attended the 10th annual English Learner Speech Contest at Fremont High School, the annual GOALS Student Recognition Lunch, the Cupertino-Fremont-Sunnyvale Council of PTA's 58th Annual Honorary Service Awards Ceremony and Dinner (where Cupertino High School Principal Kami Toberlain received the Administrator of the Year award), the 2017 Taiwanese Cuisine Expo, the Cupertino vs. Monta Vista baseball game (with Cupertino moving forward to CCS), staff recognition lunches at each of our school sites and the New Teacher Celebration hosted by the Fremont Educational Association. 

"The typical profile of a GOALS student is one who immigrated to the US at a young age and quickly acquired English verbal skills.  However, their English reading and writing skills did not develop as well, partly because of a disconnect with their early educators. The lag in reading and writing skill development often had an adverse effect in other areas of their education. Through leading-edge assessments of students’ literacy skill level, students are placed in the GOALS program. But that is only the first step in the process. The most inspirational part of the process is how hard the students work to improve their literacy skills while maintaining their regular courses, and how dedicated the teachers are to encouraging the students in the process. Every awardee, many of whom had only limited success in their early years of school, now aspire to continue their education onward through college." - Jeff Moe, Board President
Board President Jeff Moe with Welton Kwong, Coordinator of Curriculum and Teacher Leadership, Josh Maisel, Coordinator of Academic Interventions, Lori Riehl, Coordinator of Pathways to Postsecondary Success, Susan Rocha, Fremont High School Assistant Principal, and Trustee Hung Wei at the GOALS Student Recognition Luncheon. 

May 2017 - Roy Rocklin, Trustee

This month, Trustee Roy Rocklin attended the Homestead High School Orchestra Concert. Trustee Rocklin shared that the HHS students, led by John Burn and Jeffrey Morton, were excellent. The concert included a Sinfonia by Mendelssohn which he wrote when he was a teenager (about the same age as the student performers) and several pieces featuring soloists: Meiqi Wu on flute, Elizabeth La on Viola and Julius Buonnano on cello. The concert concluded with a rousing rendition of Beethoven’s Egmont Overture.

Trustee Rocklin also served as a judge for the English Learner Speech Contest at Fremont High School. 

"I was impressed by the ability of our EL students to present a memorized speech in English, which is to them a foreign language. I was moved by a speech delivered by a girl from Sri Lanka. She spoke about her experience as a refuge from the civil war in her former country and about living in a refugee camp in Thailand. It reminded me of the challenges immigrants face in America. I am proud of the Fremont Union High School District teachers, staff and other students who welcome these students and help in their transition to becoming Americans." - Roy Rocklin, Trustee

April 2017 - Jeff Moe, Board President

This month, Board President Jeff Moe attended a panel at Comic Con entitled, The Future of Education: How immersive, interactive 3D technologies are changing the way students learn. The speaker, Mark Andersen, a Co-Founder of Lifeliqe, creator of virtual reality  and mixed reality devices, has put over 1,500 students, teachers and librarians into Lifeliqe's learning experiences in virtual reality and mixed reality. Lifeliqe is headquartered in San Francisco and most of their field work has been with Bay Area schools.

"What struck me was the potential for this tool to help students in Special Education. Just like the touch pad was a break-through product in Special Education, virtual reality and mixed reality could also have a big impact." - Jeff Moe, Board President

President Moe also attended the Fremont Education Association (FEA) dinner, where the District's teaching staff and retirees are celebrated, the Santa Clara County School Board Association's 2017 Hoffmann Awards program, the Fantastics Rally at Fremont High School and an open house at West Valley Community College featuring an exhibit on California Wild Flowers. The mural at the exhibit featured in the picture below was painted by Lynbrook High School alumni parent Debbie Bakker. 

April 2017 - Barbara Nunes, Trustee

Over 120 community members were in attendance at the Hat’s Off Luncheon organized by Quota International of Cupertino. Board member Barbara Nunes was chair of the event and acted as emcee. The Quota Club raises funds to help the hearing and speech impaired as well as disadvantaged women and children in this area.

April 2017 - Jeff Moe, Board President

In April, Board President Jeff Moe attended a discussion with Board colleague Bill Willson, Superintendent Bove and legal counsel around the subject of ride-sharing for students. Adopting some type of ride-sharing solution could potentially ease traffic around our schools and help solve some of the transportation challenges currently faced by parents and students. Trustee Moe also attended the City of Saratoga State of the City address, where the City Council honored their Parks and Recreation teachers and the many faith expressions in the community, and the annual Red, White and Blue Awards Ceremony at Lynbrook High School. 

"My favorite part of the Red, White and Blue awards was watching the wide variety of student styles, mannerisms, expressions and cultures. Despite their differences, each student seemed comfortable in their own skin. To me, that demonstrates a healthy and well-run environment where differences in people are accepted and embraced." - Jeff Moe, Board President