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Student Wellness Survey
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The purpose of the Fremont Union High School District’s Student Wellness Survey is to gather feedback about student experiences and lifestyle habits related to school by surveying all students in grades 10 – 12, their parents, and all staff during September 2016.

The survey is intended to investigate the defined problem that: “Students struggle with school-life balance, stress, and sleep deprivation."

The operational definition of “wellness” used by the FUHSD Community Taskforce on Student Wellness is: "Wellness is an individual’s state of physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual balance achieved through the active management of proper diet, exercise, stress, and illness prevention.” This definition assumes that wellness is a state that evolves over a person’s lifetime through development and practice.

Wellness Survey Goals

The survey is intended to help FUHSD accomplish the following student wellness goals: 

  1. Identify school and life factors that impact student wellness;
  2. Develop strategies to promote healthy school-life balance and improve overall student wellness; and
  3. Implement and evaluate strategies by working with all stakeholders.

Wellness Survey Administration

The survey window is open from September 1 through 30, 2016. The survey has been distributed to stakeholders as a link to a survey website by email. Paper surveys were distributed to those families for whom the District did not have an email address. It is anticipated that the survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. The survey (both online and paper) is available in English, Spanish and Chinese. All responses will be anonymous.

Recommendations to the FUHSD Board of Education

The Wellness Taskforce has a plan in place to collate summary results and findings and share these with students, staff and parents at various stakeholder forums in January 2017. From these forums and meetings, the taskforce will identify priorities and possible strategies for addressing wellness issues arising from the survey, then develop recommendations to take to the FUHSD Board of Education in February 2017.

  • Sept. 2016 – Administer Student Wellness Survey, analyze data and summary findings.
  • Jan. to Feb. 2017 - Site presentations and discussion forums, identify priorities and develop recommendations to the FUHSD Board.
  • Feb. 28, 2017 – FUHSD Board meeting - Share Wellness Task Force recommendations (possible policy action: e.g. homework, extra-curriculars, start time/schedule, etc.).