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Roles in New Teacher Program

Although there are many supports built into the system in order to support the growth Participating Teachers, the clearing of a professional credential is ultimately the responsibility of each teacher.  In order to meet this responsibility, participating teachers should:

à Become familiar with specific credentialing requirements printed on his/her credential.

à Share relevant documentation from teacher preparation program with the mentor as necessary

à Develop an ongoing collaborative relationship with mentor based upon reflection on teaching practice.

à Meet with mentor regularly, and clearly communicate when meetings need to be rescheduled.

à Respond promptly to all communication from mentor and follow through on agreements.

à Complete and meet criteria for the Evidence of Application by the designated deadlines.

à Complete the FUHSD Induction Program requirements within a two-year period.

à Attend appropriate Professional Development events or design makeup events with mentor.

à Communicate questions or concerns about the program to the program director or mentor.

à Complete the online Induction Program surveys in January and May.

Note: Classroom observations and the Teacher-Mentor conversations are strictly confidential. It is the teacher’s decision to share administrator evaluation information with the mentor and/or share mentor observational data with the evaluating administrator.  Information from Induction is not used for evaluation of personnel.


New Teacher Mentors are released from classroom responsibilities in order to focus their time and energy on meeting the needs of Participating Teachers.  In order to meet this responsibility, New Teacher Mentors should perform the following roles:

One-on-One Mentoring

à Develop a sustaining and thoughtful mentoring relationship with PTs by modeling strong communication skills and a spirit of open, honest, and thoughtful inquiry and reflection.

à Maintain strict confidentiality with each PTs and communicate explicitly with them before sharing relevant information with other mentors and the program administrator.

à Develop Individual Learning Plans with each PTs in order to meet program requirements through formative assessment and professional learning activities while differentiating to meet their needs.

à Use Program tools in a thoughtful manner to support the growth of assigned PTs

à Support PTs by maintaining an electronic Portfolio of their work, and informing them in their progress toward completion of induction.

à Communicate questions or concerns about the Program or the participation of a PT to the Program Administrator in a timely manner.

Leading Professional Learning

The New Teacher Mentors also play key roles in the development and delivery of professional learning:

à New Employee Workshops (June and July)

à Skillful Teacher (all year)

à New Teacher Lunches (all year, coordinated with site Assistant Principals)

à Inquiry Round Tables (January and May)

à Other site and district level workshops, as assigned.


Special Ed Advisors serve the vital role of complementing the mentors’ service to Special Education PTs by providing support around the specific knowledge and skills associated with their Special Ed authorization:

à Writing Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and managing the IEP process

à Case Management and matching students with school resources

à Other site and department specific support, as needed


Program Administrator for New Teacher Induction:

The program administrator for New Teacher Induction is structured as 50% of the Coordinator of Academic Interventions position.  Currently, Josh Maisel oversees and manages the program, and is responsible for:

à Supervising the team of New Teacher Advisors, providing training and professional development as needed

à Developing and coordinating the delivery of Collaborative Professional Learning at the District Office

à Communicating with California CTC in order to fulfill requirements to maintain Accreditation as an LEA

à Monitoring Induction completion progress of PTs and coordinating Portfolio Review process

à Evaluating the program and guiding the continuous improvement of processes and systems


The Director of Educational and Special Services collaborates with the program administrator to ensure that Special Education teachers have additional resources and support.  This includes responsibility for:

à Coordinating support for Special Ed PTs with the Program Administrator for Special Education and the Lead Resource Specialist (LRS) at each site

à Selecting and training Special Ed coaches, and assigning them to appropriate Special Ed PTs

à Evaluating the program and guiding the continuous improvement of processes and systems


Program Administrator for Special Education supports the Director by taking responsibility for organizing Professional Development for Education Specialists in the following areas:

à Individual Education Plan (IEP) Processes

à Positive Behavior Management and Safety Care Training

à Other Professional Development, as necessary to meet the needs of Education Specialists.


Lead Resource Specialist (LRS)– Each school has an LRS who acts as Department Chair for the Special Ed department and collaborates with the Program Administrator for Special Education and the Director by…

à Conducting classroom observations with feedback

à Coaching meetings on classroom management, evidence-based practices, and case management.

à When appropriate, serving as a Special Education Advisor to new teachers at the site.


Senior Human Resources Specialist:

à Works with District and Site Administrators to support the transition of new teachers into the district. 

à Facilitates communication and collects documents to “On Board” teachers into the district systems. 

à Verifies credentialing status of all new hires hires and supports the maintenance of Staff Credential List.

à Coordinates with the Program Administrator to generate and keep accurate lists of Participating Teachers.

à Submits completed applications to the CTC for California Professional Clear Credentials for eligible teachers.


Site Administrators play two key roles in New Teacher Support. 

à Each school has an Assistant Principal responsible for new teacher support.  

- These APs oversee the Site Orientation and New Teacher Lunches:

                                                à Melina Nefrada, Cupertino High School

                                                à Susan Rocha, Fremont High School

                                                à John Rodriguez, Homestead High School

                                                à Eric Wong, Lynbrook High School

                                                à Andrew Goldenkranz and Nico Flores, Monta Vista High School

à Site Administrators also play the key role of evaluator and supervisor for new teachers. 

In this role, they are responsible for following the Evaluation Timeline and using the process to collaborate with the new teachers in support of their growth and development.

Each semester, site administrators meet with New Teacher Mentors to coordinate support for new teachers.  In these meetings, site administrators share observations and suggestions about new teachers, but New Teacher Mentors maintain confidentiality around any interactions with new teachers.  Their role is to listen and learn in order to better support new teachers.