California Assessment for Student Performance and Progress

CAASPP Results

Results from last spring's CAASPP testing are still being processed by the state. Individual student score reports for 11th graders who took the Smarter Balanced Assessment in English-Language Arts and Mathematics will be mailed the week of August 7-11. Score reports for 11th graders who took the California Alternate Assessment will be mailed once they are sent from the state in late August/early September. Students who participated in the California Science Test field test will not receive individual score reports as no results are available from the state. Overall school and district-level results for the Spring 2017 testing season will be available on the CDE DataQuest site in September.


The California Department of Education has created a short video to help parents understand their student's score report:

Entendiendo el Reporte de Calificaciones Individual de CAASPP del Estudiante: Este vídeo le ayudará a usted y a su hijo a aprender sobre el nuevo “Reporte de Calificaciones del Estudiante” de California y de los resultados de los exámenes estandarizados de fin de año.

CAASPP Student Score Report FUHSD letter:

  • Smarter Balanced (gr. 11):       English       Español         Chinese
  • California Alternate Assessment (gr. 11)


CAASPP Student Score Report Guides from CDE:

CAASPP Test Score Guide: an online resource for parents to help you understand your student's score report and what it means for your student's progress

Understanding the Results

Students who took the Smarter Balanced Assessment will receive an overall scaled score, which is the total score calculated from all sections of the assessment. There are four achievement levels, shown below. You will notice that both the scaled scores and achievement levels look different from the results of the STAR tests that were administered in the past. This difference is deliberate--these are new standards and new assessments, and they are too fundamentally different to be compared to previous test results. These first year results serve as a baseline for schools to measure progress in the years to come.


Scaled Score Grade-level Ranges (CDE)

The Smarter Balanced assessments are designed around claims in each content area. These claims are broad, evidence-based statements about what students should know and be able to do as demonstrated by their performance on the assessment. Students receive information about their claim-level performance on the student score report.


Claim Achievement Levels rubrics (CDE)