Early Completion Option

Senate Bill 57 allows experienced and exceptional individuals to apply to complete a Commission approved professional teacher induction program at a faster pace than the full two years generally needed to complete all the requirements of professional teacher induction. The accepted candidate will be responsible for completing all program requirements within 1 school year. All teachers in FUHSD Induction Program will be informed of the Early Completion Option (ECO) at the time of enrollment.


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Eligibility for Early Completion Option

Teachers must hold a preliminary multiple or single subject credential and be employed in a California public school. The intent of the law is to serve experienced and exceptional candidates.  Teachers who meet the following eligibility criteria are invited to apply to be considered for the Early Completion Option by completing and submitting the application along with the requested documentation to the Program Administrator.


  1. Submit for review authenticated performance evaluations from at least two prior years of teaching in a K-12 classroom assignment.  This may include evidence from past observations. 

  2. Submit ECO Application along with fall semester forms documenting the first Formative Assessment Cycle.  Application due: December 15

Eligibility Criteria

The Program Administrator will review the documents and will either approve the application, deny it, or request additional evidence that may be necessary to determine a candidate’s appropriateness for the Early Completion Option.

Progress Monitoring

The individual plan will take into account previous experience, portfolio evidence, and evaluations to focus the program support on your documented needs.  Missing deadlines may be cause for the withdrawal of the ECO approval. PTs must continue to demonstrate that the ECO is appropriate for them and must retain the continuing recommendation of theirs site administrators. If they are unable to continue to demonstrate appropriate placement in the ECO, or if they elect to enter the full program, they will be responsible for completing the full length Induction Program.


ECO Applicants must submit a portfolio with evidence of Formative Assessment program completion and the reflection as stated in the Early Completion Option Application. The Program Administrator will verify completion.