Credentialing Information

Eligibility Criteria

The FUHSD Induction program will provide induction support to Participating Teachers (PTs) who possess:

à Bachelor’s Degree

à CBEST—California Basic Educational Skills Test

à At least one California Preliminary Credential, including:

- Multiple Subject

- Single Subject

- Education Specialist - Mild/Moderate

- Education Specialist - Moderate/Severe

à Out-of-State credentials and fewer than two years of teaching experience[1]


[1] For teachers credentialed out-of-state or out-of-country, additional documentation may be required.

Units for Coursework

PTs will also be able to earn up to 8 semester units of credit from University of Pacific per year.  The cost for these units is $70 per credit or $560 total per year.

Teachers must register and pay for these units once in the fall ($280 for 4 credits) and again in the spring.  

The fall semester registration deadline is November 1.

The spring registration deadline is April 1. 

Teachers must complete all items in the electronic Portfolio to earn these units. 

The New Teacher Advisors will support teachers by providing registration documents and guidance through the process. 

Clearing a Preliminary Credential


All induction requirements must be completed by the close of the school year of the second year of participation.

Once all induction requirements have been met, the following will occur:

à The New Teacher Advisor will give the teacher an Intent-to-File form to sign and return to the District.

à FUHSD will recommend the teacher for the Clear Credential during the months of July and August.

à The CCTC will then email the teacher confirmation and request payment for the Clear Credential.