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Fremont High School Projects

The Measure B Bond Program began with renovations of the fields and sports facilities at each of the five high schools along with an extensive solar energy project at each one of the District sites.  At Fremont High School, the following scopes of work were identified by the Program Implementation Plan (PIP) team as priorities to be completed during the Measure B Bond Program:

  • Build a new single-story classroom building.
  • Expand and renovate the existing Kitchen and Cafeteria.
  • Upgrade aging infrastructure.

Since the time the PIP was first developed the Measure B Bond Program Management Team has received larger than expected enrollment projections for Fremont High School.  Therefore, the team hired AEDIS Architecture & Planning to develop a Master Plan for FHS that would identify the projects necessary to not only meet the current enrollment needs, but to address future enrollment needs.  The development of the master plan has since augmented the original PIP identified projects into the following Measure B Bond Program projects:

  • Install (9) portable buildings to accommodate summer school demands and to serve as temporary housing for displaced classrooms during the construction of a new two-story building.
  • Build a two-story Cafeteria, Kitchen Classroom Building that houses (16) classrooms.
  • Renovate (4) existing standard classrooms into (2) new Science Classrooms in Wing 90.
  • Redesign existing parking lots and bus drop-offs along Fremont Ave. as well as Sunnyvale-Saratoga Road to enhance safety and circulation.

The Measure B Bond Program work at Fremont High School is anticipated to be finished by the Summer of 2015.  For individual project status and updates please click on the project links below.


FHS Cafe Kitchen CR Building   Project Name:  Cafeteria Classroom Building
   Start Date:  2/2014
   Status:  COMPLETE
   Completion Date:  6/2015
   Link to Project Detail
   Link to Time-Lapse Photos
   Link to Virtual Walkthrough



FHS Pool House Renovation
   Project Name:  Pool House Repair Project
   Start Date:  5/20/2014
   Status:  COMPLETE
   Completion Date:  11/2014
   Link to Project Detail




FHS Wing 90.jpg

   Project Name:  Wing 90 Science Classroom Remodel
   Start Date:  5/6/2013
   Status:  COMPLETE
   Completion Date:  9/2013
   Link to Project Detail




FHS VTA and Parking Lot

   Project Name:  VTA and Parking Lots
   Start Date:  6/2012
   Status:  COMPLETE
   Completion Date:  11/2012
   Link to Project Detail




FHS Track and Field

   Project Name:  Track and Fields
   Start Date:  7/2009
   Status:  COMPLETE
   Completion Date:  4/2012





FHS Solar

   Project Name:  Solar
   Start Date:  7/2009
   Status:  COMPLETE
   Completion Date:  3/2010
   Statistics At-A-Glance





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