Conversations among Courageous Leaders

Professional collaboration time is critical to the challenge of implementing the Common Core. Teachers need late-start collaboration time for teams to agree on curriculum; share teaching strategies, look at formative and summative assessment data and decide together how to proceed. Conversations among Courageous Leaders is a group of approximately 45 teachers (and a few administrators) who meet monthly from 4-6pm to think about ways to make professional collaborations successful.  Participants are interested volunteers, some who have designated  leadership roles in Professional Learning Communities, and others who are participants in these groups, but interested in making them more productive.

Together the group explores questions such as:   How do you build trust among colleagues?  When, why and how should one confront a colleague?  What are the skills of effective collaboration?  What gets in the way of effective collaboration and how can individuals take responsibility for the success of the group?  Sessions include a shared reading or brief discussion of these issues and a chance to apply that to a specific situation or context faced by participants.

Dates for this year’s sessions and an invitation to participate will go out to all teachers in September.    If you are interested in learning more, please contact Kate Jamentz.