Academic Language Production

The work around Academic Language Production (ALP) is founded on the notion that students learn when they have the opportunity to interact with other students in class. Practicing more formal academic language in both spoken and written forms allows them to actively participate in the meaning-making process and to make visible their understanding in various subject areas. Language production and the learning process are inextricably connected.

By Fall 2012, all FUHSD teachers and site administrators have attended an ALP workshop. The purpose is to provide a shared professional learning experience to better support students to learn and produce academic language by providing word banks, sentence starters, sentence frames, and discourse frames. In addition, Kagan structures are introduced to help facilitate interdependent and accountable student interactions.

The work continues as teachers and administrators observe classrooms throughout the school year to initiate an ongoing dialogue. The ALP workshop is also offered at the beginning of every school year to teachers new to the district.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Welton Kwong.