Common Core Math Toolkits (Silicon Valley Math Initiative)

The Silicon Valley Math Initiative has created math toolkits to help teachers work with rich performance items to prepare students for the rigors of the Common Core.  Each course has 5 performance tasks that students answered, and a corresponding "toolkit" to go with the task.  The tasks are combined in a single file to ease distribution to students, but each toolkit also includes the corresponding task.

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Guide to Files:

  • Performance Tasks: 5 Performance Tasks for the course
  • Toolkits for each task which include:
    • description of the common challenges and/or misconceptions students have when doing that task
    • annotated student work samples that illustrate various levels of performance 
    • outline of and materials for a “re-engagement lesson” that can be used to get students to think about how they would confront their mistakes and misconceptions and redo their work in order to improve it.
8th Grade 8th Grade Test Overview Geometry Geometry Test Overview
  Performance Tasks (8th)   Performance Tasks (Geo)
  Family-Toolkit (8th)   Barbeque-Toolkit (Geo)
  Looking at a Window-Toolkit (8th)   Dean's Triangles-Toolkit (Geo)
  Patrick's Pattern-Toolkit (8th)   Tammy's Circle Design-Toolkit (Geo)
  The Perez Vacation-Toolkit (8th)   Transformer Toolkit-Toolkit (Geo)
  Triangles in a Rectangle-Toolkit (8th)   Wendy's Puzzle-Toolkit (Geo)
Algebra I Algebra I Test Overview Algebra II  
  Performance Tasks (A1)   Performance Tasks (A2)
  Consuelo's Graph-Toolkit (A1)   Math Team-Toolkit (A2)
  Katie's Pattern-Toolkit (A1)   Maximum Revenue-Toolkit (A2)
  Number Lines-Toolkit (A1)   Recurring Triangles-Toolkit (A2)
  Obstacle Course-Toolkit (A1)   Remote Measures-Toolkit (A2)
  Speeding Ticket-Toolkit (A1)   Shooting Rubber Bands-Toolkit (A2)


Recommended Mathematics Resources

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If you find others links for resources that you think should be included please email the Common Core Team