CA Common Core

CA Common Core State Standards

The Common Core State Standards were developed in collaboration with teachers, researchers, and stakeholders from across the country. Since 2010, 45 states including California have adopted the standards. The Common Core standards are aligned with expectations for college and careers, include rigorous content and skills, and are informed by research and other high performing countries. In addition to standards for English-Language Arts and Mathematics, the Common Core includes standards for Literacy in the History/Social Science, Science, and Technical content areas, and supplemental College and Career Readiness standards.

The Common Core State Standards for English-Language Arts establish expectations for students to engage in critical reading, writing, speaking and listening in increasing complexity so that all students are ready for the demands of college- and career-level reading and writing by the end of high school.

The Literacy Standards for History/Social Science, Science, and Technical Subjects emphasize that students need to master literacy skills specific to the discipline as well as content knowledge in order to prepare for college and career.  These standards are designed to supplement content area standards.

The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics emphasize the learning of mathematical content in context, with an emphasis on math reasoning and problem solving. In addition to the mathematics content, the standards include eight Math Practices, or habits of mind, that cultivate the mastery of content knowledge and skills necessary for college- and career-level mathematics.

The Next Generation Science Standards are currently being reviewed by the State Board of Education who will be considering adoption of the standards in September 2013.   


California’s Common Core State Standards