Additional Seats for AP Chinese

In response to the growing demand in our student population to take the AP Chinese exam, FUHSD has been working to expand the number of seats for the exam. This spring, District offered 9th and 10th graders currently enrolled in the District who are not enrolled in the FUHSD Chinese program the opportunity to sign up for a lottery of the remaining seats. Due to the College Board's strict regulations governing the administration of this exam, while FUHSD was able to add some seats, there were more students interested in taking the exam than the District had seats. 52 students signed up, representing all five FUHSD schools and grades 9 and 10. A lottery by grade level was used to distribute the 32 available seats.


All students signed up for the lottery of available seats were notified by email on Monday, March 13 of the results. The following information is for students who were selected in the lottery:

  • Lottery winners will have until Thursday, March 16 at 3:00 p.m. to submit their registration and payment or will lose their seat.
  • Registration forms are available from your school's ASB office. The exam fee is $110; checks payable to FUHSD.
  • Seats for all AP exams are District seats, and were assigned in the notification email. Students may have to travel to another FUHSD campus to take an exam. Transportation is not provided.
  • Seats are not transferrable.
  • Some sites require students to participate in a practice session, usually held after school, as an orientation to the testing system and procedures. If the site you are assigned to for the exam requires a practice session, they will notify you directly, and you are expected to attend.
  • More detailed information about exam day, including arrival time, room location, and what to bring, will be provided to you by your school site in April.



Message to Parents regarding AP Chinese Exams

Over the last several years, FUHSD has heard from community members concerned about the number of AP Chinese exams that the District is able to administer each year to students. This concern has been recently raised again via this Change.org petition.  

It is important to note that every student in the District who is taking AP Chinese during the school year and chooses to take the AP exam is able to take the exam. FUHSD is committed to offering as many opportunities for students to take this exam as feasible. It is also important to note that FUHSD administered 289 AP Chinese exams last year. 

The AP Chinese exam is particularly challenging to offer, compared to other Advanced Placement exams. The College Board has strict requirements regarding computer specifications, network security, testing facility layout and personnel for the AP exam on the two designated days it can be given. The FUHSD uses every available authorized computer to administer this test. Some computers are not available over the two days of testing because they are being used for instruction in other classes, or for other AP exams that require computers. 

Because computer space is limited, the District prioritizes access to the exam in the following ways:
1.      First priority goes to students who are currently enrolled in our AP Chinese course;
2.      Second priority goes to students who are seniors, whether or not they are enrolled in our AP Chinese course;
3.      Third priority goes to juniors, whether or not they are enrolled in our AP Chinese course; and
4.      Fourth priority goes to students who are in our lower level Chinese classes and want to take the exam.

Because of the highly regulated nature of the College Board’s AP exam protocols, it is fairly typical for schools and districts to limit exams to only those students who are currently enrolled in a particular AP program, with first priority going to the District’s own students, and if space is available, to students from outside the district. Given the limited number of seats and the high demand for the AP Chinese exam, the District does not allow non-FUHSD students to take the exam with us.

Over the last few years, the District has made a concerted effort to increase the number of authorized computers. However, we are typically able to accommodate only those students in groups 1 and 2 due to the limitations described above. In each of the last five years, we have been able to include only a handful of students from groups 3 and 4. 

The FUHSD is committed to continuing to address the needs of all our students. 

AP Exam Registration is coming soon!

Students may register for AP exams from January 30 to February 28, 2017, with no registration during the February break (2/20-24). For details about registering for AP exams, please refer to your school's website or ASB office.


AP Chinese Exam Registration

Due to a limited number of seats, registration for the AP Chinese Language & Culture exam will be managed with a priority registration process. Please refer to the chart below for details. This exam costs $110 and is not open to non-FUHSD students. 


Who can register

1/30- 2/3

  • Students enrolled in FUHSD AP Chinese class
  • Any 12th grader


  • Students enrolled in FUHSD AP Chinese class
  • Any 12th grader
  • Any 11th grader



  • Students enrolled in FUHSD AP Chinese class
  • Any 12th grader
  • Any 11th grader
  • 9th or 10th graders enrolled in FUHSD Chinese program

Non-FUHSD Students

Students who are not actively enrolled in the Fremont Union High School District may register for AP exams with our schools during our registration period if we are offering the exam. In addition to the cost of each exam, there is a one-time additional $20  processing fee. Due to limited resources, non-FUHSD students are not eligible to register for special format exams including any World Language exam, AP Music Theory, and AP Studio Art, or for AP Calculus AB or BC. Contact numbers for each of the schools is listed below:




Telephone #

Cupertino High School

Ms. Lisa Balga


Fremont High School

Ms. Johanna Moyoli


Homestead High School

Ms. Nancy Daffern


Lynbrook High School

Ms. Judy Boehm


Monta Vista High School

Mr. Calvin Wong


Advanced Placement Program


Through college-level Advanced Placement courses, students are exposed to knowledge that might otherwise remain unexplored in high school. Through AP Exams, they have the opportunity to earn credit or advanced standing at most of the nation’s colleges and universities. The College Board, a non-profit association based in New York City, runs the AP program.

AP courses offered vary at each high school.


More information can be found at the College Board Website

  # students taking one or more AP Exams in 2016 # total exams taken in 2016 % passed (score of 3 or higher) % with a score of 5
Cupertino 706 1,767 90.8% 47.8%
Fremont 356 709 76.3% 24.8%
Homestead 694 1,424 90.5% 46.0%
Lynbrook 803 1,932 92.7% 51.1%
Monta Vista 1,100 2,870 91.2% 45.8%
Adult Ed 1 1 100% 100%
FUHSD 3,569 8,703 90.1% 45.7%