Scientific Innovation

Worldwide Recognition for Lynbrook Senior


Lynbrook High School senior Eesha Khare, has won the Intel Foundation’s Young Scientist Award at the 2013 International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix, AZ. Eesha's winning project was the research and development of an energy storage device called a supercapacitor that not only charges quickly and stores a lot of energy; it can last many more charge-recharge cycles than a conventional battery.
Her project titled “Design and Synthesis of Hydrogenated TiO2-Polyaniline Nanorods for Flexible High-Performance Supercapacitors,” not only earned her a prize of $50,000, but has also gained her world-wide recognition.  Her story has been featured around the world including articles in the Huffington Post and the San Francisco Chronicle. Eesha has also appeared in interviews by CNN, CBS, NBC and more. "I'm in a daze. I can't believe this happened," Khare told CNN affiliate KPIX 5. 

Eesha approached her research looking for large problems to solve, and the one that she kept experiencing was the frustration with current energy storage devices.  "My cell phone battery always dies," she told NBC News, so Eesha went forward to improve current energy storage devices, not just accept the problem.  This research’s future is even brighter. More than energy storage for cell phones, Eesha's research has potential applications in energy storage for laptops, electric vehicles, and green energy, wind and solar.

Eesha is more than just a science student at Lynbrook High School.  She has been a member of the varsity field hockey team for 4 years, she works on the school newspaper “The Epic,” and is an active member of the school’s Spanish club.

Eesha plans to use her $50,000 prize to fund her education at Harvard, where she will attend in the fall.