Credit Recovery

Summer Academy Registration Dates and Deadlines

March 16



  • Students with Fs - students registered before March 16 will be given priority based on grade.
  • Students with Ds - these students will not be placed in classes until after general registration

April 13



  • Students with Fs who register between March 17 and April 13 will be given priority by date
  • Students with Ds will be placed below the F registration students, and then by date

April 25



All students will be sent confirmation or waitlist status by mail at the end of Spring Break

June 1


  • Students will be placed in classes when space available, or will be waitlisted in order received.
  • Students who register late will be sent a confirmation of waitlist or enrollment status.
  • Confirmation mailings for late registration will be sent on May 1, May 15, and May 30.

June 7

Add Mill


  • Students who fail at the last minute or need to make a course change can attend the Add Mill at the Fremont Library on Thursday, June 7.
  • Seniors – 8:00am; Juniors 8:30am; Sophomore 9:00am; Freshman 9:30am.

June 12

First Day of Class


  • Any registered student not in class, without prior approval, will be removed from the class.
  • Any waitlisted student should arrive at Fremont High by 9am to check-in to waiting room. Waitlisted students who are on campus on the first day will be put in open seats at 10:30am

Program Details

  • The credit recovery program is open to students who have failed a course (received an "F" grade) and need to recover credits towards graduation, as well as students who earned a "D" in a course where a "C" or better is needed for college eligibility. 
  • Credit Recovery classes are not open to out of district students or incoming 9th grade students. 
  • Each class is worth 5 semester credits.
  • 3 weeks = 1 semester course.
  • Students may take 1 class each term only.
  • Students may earn up to 10 credits max in summer school.

Course Information

The following courses will be offered in the Credit Recovery program this summer:

  • English
  • World History
  • US History
  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • PE
  • Biology
  • US Government (1st session only)
  • Economics (2nd session only)

All classes are semester specific (except English and PE). A class that is failed during 1st semester must be taken during Session 1 of Summer Academy (first 3 weeks). A class failed during 2nd semester must be taken during Session 2 of Summer Academy (last 3 weeks).

Registration Information

The summer credit recovery program is available to eligible students who need to recover credits towards graduation or to gain college eligibility by replacing a "D" grade earned in a required course.  Priority will be given to students who have failed a previous course that is required for high school graduation. Please see your student's guidance counselor for additional information about the summer credit recovery program.


Step 1: Course Request - Student must see guidance counselor to submit a course request

Step 2: Course Counfirmation - Summer Academy office will send a letter as well as an electronic message to families to inform them that they are enrolled in a specific course.  

Step 3: Room Assignments - All enrolled students will receive a course schedule and room assignment in the mail the week before Summer Academy begins.

Step 4: Waitlist - Students who are at the top of the waitlist will be asked to come to Fremont High School on June 12, to be present in the "waiting room" in order to be placed in empty seats for the second period of the day, as soon as attendance is verified by teachers.


Note: Registration for Summer Academy is on a "Rolling Admissions" basis, so the earlier a student requests a course, the more likely to get the first choice course.  After May 1, students who were waitlisted for A-G recovery will be offered seats in classes as well.  Registration will continue through the first day of Summer Academy (June 12) on a space available basis.


Late Registration Information

Summer Academy registration began in January.  Students who submit a course request in May might be immediately enrolled, but might also be put on the waitlist.  If you are placed on the waitlist, the Summer Academy office will inform you if a spot becomes available, although you might be asked to show up on the first day of school (June 12) to be placed in an empty seat.


To register after graduation, come to the Late Registration Add Mill on Thursday, June 7, 2017 at the times indicated below to add, change or drop a course.

  • 8:00am-8:30am: current 12th grade students

  • 8:30am-9:00am: current 11th grade students

  • 9:00am-10:00am: current 10th grade students 

  • 10:00am-10:30am:  current 9th grade students 

Students who arrive before their appointed time will not be served until the correct time.

Students will be served on first come, first served basis, so if an 11th grader arrives at 9:30, he will be after the 10th graders who arrived on time.


Late registration day will take place at:

Fremont High School Library

1279 Sunnyvale-Saratoga Road

Sunnyvale, CA 94087