World Champion

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Ho is World Champion in Informatics!

Lynbrook Senior, Johnny Ho, won a Gold Medal and 1st place overall at the prestigious International Olympiad in Informatics.  This year’s competition took place in Italy, where Johnny finished with a rare perfect score. In doing so, Johnny defeated Gennady Korotkevich from Belarus, who had won gold medals in the last six years of competition.

The contest consists of two days of computer programming, solving problems of an algorithmic nature.  Students compete on an individual basis, with up to four students competing from each participating country (approximately 90 countries total). Students on national teams are selected through national computing contests, such as the Australian Informatics Olympiad, British Informatics Olympiad, etc.

There were two days of competition and on each day contestants were be given three tasks to complete in five hours. Contestants had access to detailed feedback for the entire set of the official test cases using the CMS.  All of the tasks in IOI 2012 were designed to be algorithmic in nature. All tasks were divided into several subtasks specifying:

  • time and memory limits,
  • optimality criteria,
  • simplifying assumptions,
  • other amendments to the task specification.

All submissions were subject to general time and memory limits.

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