Program Description

This program is designed for students who are interested getting a head start in high school and earning five (5) elective credits. Students will having have the opportunity to have fun, meet new friends, learn with one of the 9th grade teachers, study how the human brain works, and build English and math skills known to promote success in high school. During the 15 days of the course, students will:
  • Collaborate with new classmates on a variety of challenging tasks in small teams
  • Learn how the human brain can grow over time and develop strategies to get smarter in things like organization, memory, problem solving, writing, and public speaking.
  • Study ancient Mayan culture in a narrative-based educational adventure.
  • Develop a positive self-identity through effort, persistence, collaboration, and risk‐taking.
Students who complete the program will be placed in at least one class with an Allies teacher so that they can continue to:
  • Reinforce concepts and strategies learned in the summer.
  • Develop stronger connections with each other and their teachers.
  • Show leadership by demonstrating the skills and habits of effective learners.

Application Information

If you wish to participate in Allies this summer, please complete the enclosed application and place it in the box in the main office of your middle school (labeled “Allies Applications”) by Friday, April 13, 2018.  If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact either Phyllis Flanagan if your home school is Fremont or John Rodriguez if your home school is Homestead.

Phyllis Flanagan

Fremont High School


John Rodriguez

Homestead High School


Priority will be given in the order that the applications are received.  There is no cost to the student or family for this program.

Allies Application 2018

Allies Flyer 2018

Program Facts

  • Students will receive 5 units of high school credit upon completion of the program.
  • Allies is open to incoming Fremont and Homestead High School 9th grade students only.
  • This program is considered a "head start" and does not allow students to pass out of the course for a higher level math class in the fall.