ASD Authorization

General Information

As you may know, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing now requires all teachers to “possess a credential, authorization, or other document issued by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing that authorizes teaching the disability of the students within the special education setting as determined by the program placement recommendation contained within the Individualized Education Program, Individualized Family Service Program, or Individualized Transition Plan”.  In other words, Special Education teachers must be authorized to provide services that match the disability areas of their students. The disability area that is most affected by this new requirement are Autism Spectrum Disorders, partly due to the fact that Level 1 and 2 Mild/Moderate Education Specialist Credentials do NOT include an authorization in ASD. Therefore, the CCTC began offering an Added Authorization in ASD for Mild/Moderate Education Specialist credential holders. The CCTC also transitioned to the new Preliminary and Clear Mild/Moderate Education Specialist Credentials, which include the ASD authorization. (Moderate/ Severe Credential holders have always had ASD authorization embedded in their credentials, and therefore already meet this requirement.)


Many of our Special Education teachers have already taken action to complete their Autism Added Authorization through the program offered via the San Joaquin County Office of Education (SJCOE) in conjunction with FUHSD.


ASD Added Authorization SUMMARY:

  • Special Education teachers will need to have a valid ASD authorization in place by 10/2013.
  • This requirement relates only to positions that require a Special Education teaching credential, therefore, it does not include General Education teachers, SLPs, Psychologists, Counselors or other PPS credentialed employees
  • All teachers that obtain an ASD Added Authorization will be eligible for a one- time $1,390 stipend (ATCS) - you are not eligible for the stipend if you already had this authorization, or if it is embedded into your preliminary or clear document
  • All teachers earning a Preliminary or Clear Education Specialist credential under the new standards will have ASD Authorization built in to their credential - these credentials will be issued to most teachers enrolling into a Education Specialist program after 12/31/2011. Teachers enrolled in a Level 1 program may  have the choice to continue and earn a Level 2, or to earn a new Preliminary Education Specialist. Each teacher currently in a program will need to check with their University to verify which program they are in. Each situation will be unique for those currently earning their credentials during this transfer period.
  • Teachers may obtain this certification in any method authorized by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, however the District is continuing to offer the SJCOE program in 2011/2012. Please see the information on the program listed below, or on the attached flyer.
  • Employees are responsible for the cost of any ASD Authorization class, test or program
  • The district will count applicable units/credits/CEUs/hours earned while completing your ASD Authorization via coursework, towards the salary scale