Applying for your AAA

Steps toward applying for your Autism Added Authorization


 1) Complete SPED 258 and SPED 259.

  • SPED 258 and 259 may be completed in any order.
  • Registration for SPED 258 can now be completed by emailing a memo of interest to Joann Finley in HR. Please refer to our SPED 258 info page for more details.
  • NOTE: You will be able to print out a "Certificate of Completion" once you have finished SPED 259 (Project Optimal). Please print this certificate and keep it in a safe place. You will be required to turn in this certificate in your final application packet.

2)     After completion of SPED 258 and SPED 259,  you must complete SPED 286 (Observation).

  • Registration for SPED 286 can now be completed by emailing a memo of interest to Joann Finley in HR. Please refer to our SPED 286 info page for more details.

3)     In order to apply for the Authorization, you will need to submit the following items to Joann Finley in HR:

  • A completed application for the Authorization - You can find the application on Project Impact's website
  • Transcripts - (Do not need to be official - copies are ok) from your credential program. Most credential programs include courses covering assessment, collaboration, and behavior. SJCOE will evaluate that theses requirements have been met previously. This is allows SJCOE to shorten the Autism Authorization Program from 6 Courses to the three listed above.
  • Project Optimal Certificate - This is the certificate you printed out upon completion of SPED 259.

4)    HR will submit your completed packet, along with verification of your Completion of SPED 258 and 286, to SJCOE.

  • SJCOE will then contact you verifying receipt and informing you of any next steps or payment necessary.
  • IMPORTANT: If you would like to purchase units for the coursework completed, you will need to do this directly through SJCOE.