Who is eligible for the Autism Added Authorization? ~ All current Mild/Moderate Special Education credential holders are eligible.

Are all FUHSD SpEd teachers required to earn the AAA? ~ California is moving forward with requiring that all Special Education teachers with ASD students have this authorization.  Moderate/Severe credentials currently include this authorization and Mild/Moderate credentials in the future will include this, but current Mild/Moderate Credentials do not include it. While the State deadline for the requirement is not established fully, it has been determined that the CCTC will at some point make this authorization mandatory. FUHSD is recommending that Mild/Moderate Education Specialist Credential holders take advantage of this three step program while it is available, and before California makes any further program changes.

What do I have to do to earn my AAA? ~ This is a three part program designed to satisfy the requirements for adding an autism authorization to your existing Mild/Moderate Special Education Credential:
  • SPED 258 - Three sessions of this course were offered for the 2010/2011 school year(October, January, and May/June). 2011/2012 Course enrolling soon.
  • SPED 259 - Satisfied via Project Optimal (first four modules). SPED 258 and Project Optimal may be completed in any order.
  • FIELDWORK (SPED 286)- Satisfiied through observation (by an authorized individual) of your application of teaching strategies learned.
I've finished the SPED 258 and 259...Now what? ~ You will need to enroll in and complete the observation piece of the series (SPED 286). Check this section of the FUHSD website often to see when enrollment for SPED 286 will begin for the 2011/2012 school year.
What is SPED 286? ~ SPED 286 is the observation portion of the program. A University Supervisor will observe you to check for basic teaching competencies that are appropriate for students with Autism. The observation will be brief, about one period or less, and once it is completed, the university supervisor will submit a form to San Joaquin County. San Joaquin County Office of Education will then process your course credit.
Okay, I have completed all three courses. How do I get the Authorization added to my teaching credential? ~ Please see our Applying for your AAA  page for detailed information regarding your application packet. You will submit your completed application packet to Joann Finley in Human Resources, who will then forward your packet to SJCOE. San Joaquin County will complete the application process and will submit your paperwork to the state. You must apply through SJCOE, neither FUHSD nor the Santa Clara County Office of Education will be able to process your credential application. You will receive an email from SJCOE once they are ready to process your credential.
I am completed the May/June Session of SPED 258,When do I complete SPED 286? ~ You may submit your memo of interest now, and your observations are currently in progress.
How do I apply for the Additional Teaching Competency Stipend? ~ The stipend is processed through FUHSD. Once the CCTC has granted you your official Autism Authorization, you can fill out the ATCS request form (found on our website here ), attach a copy of the Authorization or of the email granting  it, and send it to Joann Finley in Human Resources at the District Office. Once received in HR, it will be processed on the next available pay cycle.