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Enrollment & Residency Forms

All of the forms in this section have been created for to be easily completed on your computer.  

Forms completed on your computer will be far easier to read and process, so we highly recommend this method.  If you would like to complete the form on your computer, please do the following:

  1. SELECT the file you want by clicking on the name below
  2. VIEW/DOWNLOAD the form using Adobe Acrobat or other program to (this should happen automatically on your computer)
  3. COMPLETE the form using your keyboard and mouse - you can use the Tab key to move from one item to the other or simply click in the box with your mouse
  4. SAVE the file on your computer, when you have completed all parts of the form
  5. PRINT 2 copies to bring with you
  6. SIGN both copies


CONTINUING Student Registration Form (English)

Residency Declaration Form (English)

All of the forms in this section are created to be printed and completed by hand.

Simply click on the form below, print.and complete.

CONTINUING Student Registration Form

Residency Declaration

Other Forms

Residency Verifcation Procedures

Registration Procedures for Incoming 9th Grade Students - Feeder Schools

Registration Procedures for Continuing 10th Grade Students

Registration Procedures for All Other New Students