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FUHSD Goes Green


Green News:

FUHSD has started a new Single Stream Recycling and Composting Program. See the flyer below. These increased recycling efforts will reduce the amount of garbage sent to the landfills.

Single Stream Recyling and Composting Program

Want to save some $$$ this summer? Try washing your clothes in cold water. According to flexyourpower.org,  "About 90% of the energy use in a clothes washer goes to water heating." Clean your clothes and save money, now that's a smart idea everyone can enjoy!

Water Conservation, we can all do our part: The California Department of Water Resources has put together a Water Conservation Tips sheet, and a 2008 Urban Drought Guidebook. Both are a good source of information regarding ways you can reduce your water use. more

Smart Rebate Program: Smart Rebates is a statewide program administered by the California Urban Water Conservation Council that offers a wide-ranging list of measures for conservation product and appliance rebates in areas that have never before operated programs. more

Recycle your eWaste! Find a safe location.

40 ways Californians can help preserve the state's environment, courtesy of the Earthworks Group and the California Department of Conservation.

The Bright Schools Program - Most schools spend more money on energy each year than on school supplies... more

This CDC podcast is for a general audience and provides information on how to recycle, re-use, and restore. It also covers the benefits of “Going Green” on the environment, health, and social interaction. Podcast

Many California Cities are working to help our schools to "Go Green". Here is an example of one such program for the City Of San Jose. Check with your local City Government and see what is available for you.