Selecting a major does not mean you will limit the career choices available to you after graduation. If you choose a major that you intrinsically enjoy, you are more likely to excel academically, you will be more motivated in the classes you take, and when it is time to start looking for a job or applying to graduate school you will be able to explain with enthusiasm why you chose your major and what you gained from doing so.  When choosing a major it is beneficial to understand your strengths and your interests.



Students can use Naviance to explore careers and look into majors that they might want to select to study in college.  Log onto you school’s Naviance website to take the “Do What You Are” survey under the “About Me” section titled “my personality type”.

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Follow the instructions and answer the questions based on what is most accurate to you.

Once completed, a confidential report will be provided to give insight on how your personality type relates to your decisions for college and careers.

Self Assessments


The following websites have information about possible majors that students can explore by asking a series of questions and matching students up to what fits their interests.

Major Information


·        College Majors and Career Information

·         Majors and Careers Central