College and Career Center

College and Career Center Resources

The College and Career Resource Center is a facility devoted to college and career exploration. It provides conveniently organized resources for students and parents to use there or to check out.

You will find:

  • Circulating library of post-high school planning materials
  • Commercially-published guidebooks
  • College catalogs
  • Files on colleges, universities and professional schools
  • Computer programs and Internet sites to help you research colleges and careers
  • DVD’s of colleges and universities
  • Financial aid information
  • Career exploration materials
  • Career testing
  • Armed Services information
  • GED information
  • Alternative programs
  • Summer opportunities and educational travel
  • Scheduled visits by college representatives who talk about their schools and answer specific questions

College and Career Center Links


To find information about your school’s College and Career Center, click on the link below.