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Certificate Programs

Students interested in obtaining career training without committing to several years of school can earn a Certificate of Achievement in a shorter period of time. Certificate programs are designed for students interested in career training that leads to a specialized career field. Students who earn certificates can earn more money than someone who simply holds a high school diploma. Programs vary in length and generally require less than 2 years of full-time study to complete. Successful completion of certificates is notated on official college transcripts. There is no limit to the number of certificates a student can earn.


Career Program Degrees (AA/AS)

 These programs are designed to provide better-rounded career training than in a certificate program and typically require 1½ to 3 years to complete. Career degrees include requirements for a major, which are specialized occupational courses, and general education courses that broaden a student’s understanding of self and the surrounding world. Some units/credits in career programs may transfer to 4-year colleges and universities and may fulfill lower-division requirements.



To use the Career Exploration feature of Naviance, log into your school’s website address.





Monta Vista


Under the heading “About Careers”, found on the left column, click on “explore interests” to begin the Career Interest Profiler activity.      

Follow the instructions and answer based on what is most accurate to you.

Once completed, a confidential report will be provided to give insight on how your interests relates to your decisions for college and careers.

College and Career Centers


The College and Career Resource Center is a facility devoted to college and career exploration. It provides conveniently organized resources for students and parents to use there or to check out.


To find information about your school’s College and Career Center, click on the link below.        


Career Planning Websites